Comet Nation

by Matt Tulli

In the lower right corner of the south stands of Biemesderfer Stadium resides the NUMBER ONE student section in the Lancaster-Lebanon League. We call ourselves Comet Nation, and we’re louder and prouder than the competition.

Recently, Penn Manor was voted as the number one fan base in the L-L League, as Mr. Roth told us at the Homecoming pep rally on October 10th, and a large part of that is because of Comet Nation who shows up game in and game out, even going as far away as Dallastown to cheer on the Comets.

It all starts with the “Comet Boys”, who bring the energy each Friday night. Every year, the craziest and most spirited incoming seniors are designated as the “Comet Boys”; they write “COMETS!” across their chests and scream and yell their heads off for 48 minutes a game. The 2014 Comet Boys are: Jack Elliot (C), Mike Coakley (O), Nate Deberdine (M), Wyatt Barnett (E), Joey Dell’Estate (T), Nick Kirk (S), and Colin Groff (!). The Comet Boys are the leaders of chants, like “Let’s Go Comets,” “Move the Chains,” and of course, “Comet Nation!” Usually, the Comet Boys declare a theme for the members of Comet Nation to follow; for example, at the McCaskey game, we all wore silly hats. At the Lampeter-Strasburg game, the theme was Red, White, and Blue night in honor of the armed forces (it was Military Night), and at home against Manheim Township, the theme was pink for the district-wide breast cancer awareness week.

Not to mention, of course, how would these experiences be remembered if it wasn’t for our photographer, Will Forrey?

“I got asked to take pictures, and I wasn’t really up for the idea because I would have to focus on that more than the game itself,” Will says. “But I got a free Comet Nation T-Shirt for doing it and I was promised to be picked as a Comet Boy for next year, so I decided to do it.” Will takes hundreds of high-quality pictures per game and posts them on the Comet Nation 2014 Facebook page. The Comet Boys also run a Twitter account, @CometNation2014.

The game at Hempfield, in particular, was amazing. The theme was orange in memory of Greg Frey, and Comet Nation got a very large turnout, about the size of most of our home games. The Comets fell behind 17-7, but roared back in the second half. We were going crazy.

“I got so hype just because: number one, its Hempfield, but number two, it was a great game. Even though we didn’t play well in the first half, we bounced back and took over in the second half. But also the theme was in memory of Greg, so it was cool to see his parents taking pictures of us and seeming so happy of what we were doing,” remarked junior Jacob Herr.

Last year, as a freshman, I didn’t experience Comet Nation as much as I should have. I would occasionally venture into the back rows of it and stay there for only about a quarter per game. But this year, I’ve come to every game I could and screamed my throat sore (the only aftereffect of Friday nights). But freshman: I promise you this: Standing in the student section the entire game is much more fun than anything else you can do at a Penn Manor football game. But this year, I’ve been in the student section for every game except for the CV game, when I was on vacation. The atmosphere is amazing: you’ll meet new friends, support your Comets, and overall just have a good time.

The only thing that I don’t like about Comet Nation is that there is a very small turnout for basketball games. I remember back in many recent seasons (especially 2006-2007 when the Comets made it the whole way to the State Quarterfinals) when our basketball team was always at the top of the section, the Student Section almost always took up nearly the entire two section on the left side of the bleachers. The gym was packed with reporters, students, and fans alike. The atmosphere was always amazing in the East Gym. Now, we only take up maybe twelve rows of stands and we aren’t loud at all.

So this winter, I challenge Comet Nation to get the East Gym looking like this again:

PM Nation: MLB Season in Full Gear

By Cody Straub and Taylor Groff  –

Cody Straub: PM Nation is making another rare appearance this year to take an in depth look at the first quarter of the MLB season. There is still tons of baseball to be played, but it seems like just yesterday it was opening day in the MLB and now quarter of the season is already behind us. With that being said, we will take a look at our most surprising team along with our most disappointing team so far this season and our take on who would win the MVP if the season ended today.

Taylor Groff: For me the Florida Marlins have been the most surprising team in baseball. As of right now, they are 5th in the power rankings. They’re (24-17) and only two games behind the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East. Their pitching staff is led by arguably baseball’s best pitcher Josh Johnson followed by Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco. Even with all-star shortstop Hanley Ramirez struggling the Marlins have had a respectable line-up 1-8. The biggest surprise this season for the Marlins has to be Gaby Sanchez who is hitting .325 with 26 rbi’s and an OBP of .406. If the Marlins keep winning they could possible take the division from slumping Phillies or squeak in with the wild card.       

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

CS: The Marlins are exceeded everyone’s expectations it just too bad they can’t even fill their stadium half full because I think they could make the NL East race with the Phillies interesting all summer long.

The most surprising team for me has to be the Cleveland Indians. Before the season started everyone just penciled them into last place in the American League Central Division, but here we are a quarter of the way through the season and they have a five game lead in the division and are 12 games above .500. This team has a great mix of young hitters and veteran hitters in their very balanced lineup to go along with a very young pitching staff that has exceeded everyone’s expectations so far. I don’t know if they can keep this up all season, I just don’t see enough talent on their roster, but that’s what people said coming into the season and they’ve proved them wrong so far, so you never know.

I’m going to stay in the AL Central for my most disappointing team, the Minnesota Twins.  The biggest problem for the Twins, is their so called superstar hitters aren’t producing. Joe Mauer has only played 9 games this season with a .235 batting average, and Justin Morneau is hitting .231 with only 1 home run. These guys were suppose to be the main producers for their lineup and without them producing the Twins have no chance to compete. The Twins are such a disappointment so far this season because with their performances the last few years they have earned a reputation as one of the better teams in the league.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

TG: The most disappointing team has to be the New York Yankees. The Yankees veterans Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are not producing any runs and have been the teams weakest links. The only bright spot for the Yankees this season is how productive Curtis Granderson has been. With all that said I think that Granderson might be on his way to winning an MVP award.

CS: My MVP so far this season is Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays. Many people thought his break out season last year was a fluke, but he continues to put up impressive numbers so far this season. He leads the league with a .372 batting average and 16 home runs, and is the major reason why the Blue Jays are competing in the tough AL East. Well that’s all we got for today, stay tuned for possibly more PM Nation’s but ‘ll warn you Taylor has a pretty bad case of senioritis so this may be enough work for him.

PM Nation:Bubble Watch

By Cody Straub and Taylor Groff –

PM Nation is back, and just in time for the greatest sporting event of the year the NCAA Basketball Tournament. After March 13 we will take a look at our last four in and first four out of the Big Dance.

Cody Straub: Here’s my last four in who will have to play to the,new for this year, First Four early next week:  Georgia, Colorado, Illinois, and Virginia Tech. I should emphasize that each one of these teams have work left to do in their respective conference tournaments.

Taylor Groff: Well first I would like to say it’s great to be back after the year layoff, but I’m going to have to disagree with some of your picks. I think Tom Izzo and the Spartans are going to fight past Iowa and then squeak out a close game against Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament. Purdue’s going to be State’s statement victory that will give them a good enough tournament resume.   So here’s my last four in: Michigan St., Colorado, Virginia Tech, and Boston College

CS: Are you kidding me, Michigan State should not even be in the discussion for a bid. Everyone is considering them a lock for the tournament, and their resume isn’t even close to one of a NCAA tournament team’s is. Besides Wisconsin and Illinois they don’t have enough other good wins to be considered with a record just above .500. The only reason a barely above .500 team like Penn State is even being considered is because they have a lot of marquee wins. If Michigan State gets in, and Duke gets a number one seed then we know that the committee cares more about the name than the resume.

Tom Izzo looking to guide his per powerhouse off the bubble and into the tournament.

TG: I never said that Michigan St. is a lock I said they are going to need to win at least two games in the Big Ten Tournament. Michigan beat Illinois, Wisconsin, Penn State, Minnesota, and Washington. Oh and your saying Penn State has a lot of marquee wins? THEY BEAT THE SAME TEAMS THAT PENN STATE BEAT! The Spartans are (17-13) and the Lions are (16-13) and as of right now they have a better resume.

CS: I know a loss is a loss but compare Penn State to Michigan State and Penn State has some close losses to teams that Michigan State got blown out against. Michigan State lost by 20 against Iowa, 26 against Wisconsin, and 20 against Purdue. Those aren’t losses of a NCAA tournament team. Every top 25 team Penn State played they lost by 10 or less expect for two games. That shows they can play with anybody, and have a better chance to play a great team close than Michigan State in the big dance, if they get the chance because the committee will just see these games as losses, and see them a similar

Photo from the ClevelandLeader

team to Michigan State which is unfair. Alright moving out of the Big Ten here’s my first four out of the Big Dance: Alabama, Boston College, Michigan State, and Baylor.

TG: Oh okay so now every team on the bubble is going to make a case about them losing by less than the other team that gets in. That’s such a bad point. Every team in the NCAA will be crying about close losses. A loss is a loss sorry, but Penn State doesn’t deserve to make the tournament over Michigan State. My first four out are Baylor, Alabama, Georgia and Missouri St.

CS: I’m not saying the committee will look at these losses I’m saying it’s unfair to compare Michigan State’s losses with Penn State’s. It won’t effect who gets in and not but it should. Looking at you first four out I agree mostly with you except that I think the winner of Alabama and Georgia, who will play in the SEC quarterfinals, will get in.  Not sure that Missouri State should even be considered for an at large bid. They lost their conference championship game, and hasn’t even played a top 25 team. Well that’s all the time we got make sure to tune into Selection Sunday Show to see if our predictions were right.

PM Nation: NBA Scheduling

PM Nation

Welcome to another edition to PM Nation. With the long season of the NBA playoffs in full swing, we will take a look at if the playoff schedule needs to be changed or if it is fine how it is now.
CS: The NBA playoffs are here, and unlike other playoffs are here to stay for awhile. Some people call it the second NBA season. The NBA playoffs are way too long, about a month and a half, and the major reason is all the days off.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

TG: I’d like to point out that almost all of these players are going into the the postseason  with injuries. NBA players go through the grueling 82-game regular season of the NBA, and need days off to rest their bodies.
CS: Players go through the whole season playing back-to-back games, or with only one day off. I don’t understand while the series play back to back games or with just one day off to travel. Nobody, including probably the players, want to have a game on a Monday night and then wait until      Thursday to have another game.
TG: If anything, these players are happy about days off to rest. Look at Steve Nash and Manu Ginobili they both suffered injuries in the playoffs and I can guarantee they would love to have two days of rest before a huge game.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

CS: These player develop a routine throughout the season. That routine revolves around them playing everyday or every other day, so I doubt these players want multiple days off to get out of their routine. Even if they want days off, I still don’t think it is right to give them multiple days off. These players are getting paid millions of dollars each season to play a game they, hopefully, love. Just because they are a little tired does not mean they shouldn’t have to go to work. Believe it or not, Taylor, there are people who work five to seven days a week. There is no reason these players making the money they are can work/play four or five days a week.
TG:Ask MVP Lebron James and he would tell you he needs two days of rest before the next game. Plus it’s not like they still don’t work. The off days they’ll go to the gym, have a shoot around with the team and practice their game. But from a viewer’s standpoint, I can see what you are talking about.

CS: Either way it is ridiculous to have playoffs last over a month! People will lose interest in it after the first round, and the exciting rounds are later. The NBA either has to cut all the off days or make the first round or two shorter.

TG: That’s all we got for today, stay tuned for more columns and videos from PM Nation.

PM Nation: NFL Draft an Extravaganza of Picks

PM Nation

Cody Straub: Welcome to another edition of PM Nation. With all the hype of the first prime time NFL draft now over, we’ll go back and review the winners and losers of the draft.
Taylor Groff: Wow. The NFL draft has never attracted more attention than this year. It seemed like the draft this year was more on drafting defensive players over the usual offensive weapons. Teams seemed to be more interested in taking the defensive linemen or linebackers than them taking a chance on an explosive offensive player.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS: I agree that teams did not want to take the risk on offensive play makers in the early rounds. Only six players in the first round were QB/RB/WR. Two of those players went to the Denver Broncos. Five years from now we could look back and say the Broncos were the real winners of this draft. They drafted two possible franchise faces in wideout Demaryius Thomas, and  quarterback Tim Tebow. Although they were both very risky picks, unlike all the defensive and offensive lineman drafted who will be productive but not franchise faces, I think that these two names will be the ones we remember from this draft.
TG: No not at all. Franchise faces, please you have no clue where these guys will end up in the next five years. Tebow will have to fight for a spot with starter Kyle Orton and backup Brady Quinn. If anyone is the winner of the draft it would be the Detroit Lions. With the second pick in the first round they went with the explosive defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Their standout pick to me was Jahvid Best from California. He is probably not the every down back this season, but has the potential to become an NFL star. He reminds me of a Chris Johnson they both have a small frame , but don’t let that fool you they’ll blow past you in the blink of an eye.
CS: I also really liked the Lions draft, but in five years, Suh will just be a good NFL defensive lineman who nobody remembers because of his position. He can’t put his team on his back, and carry his team to a victory like Tim Tebow has the ability to do. I have to say the clear-cut loser of this draft was the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the 10th overall pick they got Tyson Alualu a defensive lineman from Cal who would have been available in the second round. To make it even worse with their second pick, they took yet another defensive tackle. I don’t really know what the Jaguars were thinking, they need playmakers on that team.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

TG: The standout pick to me was Dez Bryant. Even with his off-the-field troubles he will be a standout star. Be ready Dez the ball will be thrown to you. Miles Austin will draw a lot of attention his way to leave Bryant in a one-on-one cover with a CB. Bryant will have a monster rookie season. Thats all we got for this edition, stay tuned later this week for a PM Nation video

By: Cody Straub and Taylor Groff

PM Nation: What is wrong with pro sports

Welcome to another edition of PM Nation. This week we will not only have our weekly debate column, but also for the first time PM Nation will be coming to you from PMTV studios in video. This column’s topic will talk about the problems with professional sports.

PM Nation

Cody Straub: People including me love professional sports because of the competition between the best athletes on the playing field. What happens off the field is the problem with professional sports. The amount of money handed out to the players is ridiculous. The passion in professional sports is not anywhere near the passion in college sports because of one reason, money.

Taylor Groff: There are too many things nowadays wrong about professional sports. The thing that angers me the most is how deceiving these athletes are. There are too many kids in the world seeing elite athletes making great plays on the field and terrible decisions off the field. They are portrayed as the most heroic people in the world at times, but have bad judgment and disappoint many.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS:  I agree it is disappointing to see these pro athletes make bad decisions, but overpaying the players hurts us more. Ticket prices have risen over the years to go watch a ball game because the teams have to pay their players millions of dollars.

TG: I agree a lot of players are playing for money and not the love of the games. You know what would really make me happy next year in the NBA?

CS: What?

TG: With Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade, I would like them to take pay cuts to play for teams with NBA final potential, instead of playing for a terrible team and making more money.

CS: I have an idea that would bring passion back to professional sports. Instead of guaranteeing players millions of dollars when they sign a contract, make the contract completely performance-based. The only way players should make a lot of money is if they perform on the field, and stay out of trouble off the field. This would bring back the passion in the college games back to professional games.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

TG: I love it.

CS: WOW! First thing we have ever agreed on. I guess there is a first time for everything.

TG: Tune in later this week for our first PM Nation video which will focus on the Final Four and the QB crisis in Philadelphia.

PM Nation “Tourny Time, Baby”

This is our second edition of PM Nation this week due to this special time for all sports fans. As Dick Vitale would say, “It’s March Madness, Baby!” This edition will include our own bracket predictions and explanations about some of our surprising picks.

Cody Straub’s Bracket

Taylor Groff’s Bracket

TG: I think my most surprising pick of the tournament would definitely have to be New Mexico St. over Michigan St. I have not been impressed with any game they have played this season. I expected a lot more out of the veteran players for Michigan St.

CS: The upset I picked that everyone is surprised at is Louisville over Duke. Yes Duke is playing really well, but every year they find a way to lose early in the tournament. I think Louisville will surprise some teams and make a deep run. Stay tuned to the tournament games to see which one of us made the best predictions.

PM Nation – Selecting Teams for March Madness

Welcome to the fourth edition of PM Nation. Obviously with the NCAA Tournament starting this weekend, that is our topic this week. We will have two separate columns this week about March Madness. This edition’s topic will be about the selection process and if the committee’s system is the right way to choose which teams should go dancing.

PM Nation

Cody Straub: The question: is the NCAA committee’s system through judging the RPI, strength of schedule, vs. the RPI top 50, and using the teams’ whole season resume instead of just the last couple weeks of the season the right way to select teams to go dancing.

Taylor: No, look at Villanova.  They start off the season real high and then at the end of the season they lose three out of their last four games. You don’t want high seeded teams coming into the tournament cold.

CS: Look at teams like Gonzaga in a weak conference. They play a hard non-conference schedule, but toward the end of the season, they don’t have any chances to get good wins because of their weak conference. So they should not be punished with a lower seed because their best wins are at the beginning of the season.

TG: I’m not saying teams with weak conferences shouldn’t get in, but because of their weak conference, they need to win every conference game so they can create a better resume.

CS: Every team in the country will lose one game they should have won. So one slip-up in a conference game should put a team in or out of the tournament, as long they have good wins.

TG: Like Dick Vitale said on Selection Sunday, the last ten games of the season should be the most meaningful games. Mississippi State should have been in the tournament because of how they ended their season.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS: That is ridiculous.  Mississippi State did not beat anyone until the Vanderbilt game. You can’t tell me they get in ahead of Florida, Florida has more quality wins and played better non-conference games.

TG: That is all for this edition, stay tuned later this week for our tournament predictions. If you agree or disagree with this column, you can write your opinion down in the comment box about the topic, we want to know what everyone thinks.

PM Nation:Tim Tebow top NFL Quarterback?

Welcome to the third edition of PM Nation by Cody Straub and Taylor Groff. This week’s column is about what arguably the best college football player, Tim Tebow, will do in the National Football League.

Cody Straub: Tim Tebow will have a successful NFL career because of his passion and love for the game of football. I am making a bold prediction that if Tebow is drafted by the right team, he will win rookie of the year playing in his own wildcat offense.

Taylor Groff: Not even close, Cody. Tebow seems like he has a lot of love for the game, but I don’t think he is an NFL quarterback. I respect what he did at Florida where he captured two national titles under Urban Meyer. There is just one problem. He seems to have figured out that he needs to change almost every aspect of his game to show NFL scouts he can throw the ball.

CS: Taylor, he is not changing his whole game, he is just tweaking his arm motion to make his release a little quicker. This kid does not accept failure, and doesn’t fail. Everybody is forgetting that he won a Heisman Trophy and two national championships. They think because he is not an “NFL style” quarterback he will not be successful. He is a proven winner at every level of competition he has played at.

Cody Straub Co-editor for PM Nation

TG: When a player has to tweak something a week before the NFL combine that’s not a good sign. He is now taking three and five step drops instead of the shotgun format he ran in Florida.

CS: Taylor, I said the right team, not some idiots who take away his unique style he brings to a team.

TG: His delivery is awful and he takes way too much time to get rid of the ball. You are also right about people forgetting about his Heisman and the two championships because people are more worried about his possible failure in the NFL.

CS:  Everybody makes the mistake of writing him off. Coming into college all the scouts were saying he is not a good enough thrower to be a good college quarterback. In his amazing four college career Tebow had 88 passing touchdowns and 9,285 passing yards. Pretty good for a guy whose throwing ability everyone questioned.

TG: I want to clear this up with everyone. I believe that Tim’s college career was probably one of the best in NCAA history. Even though he had a highly successful college career I still believe he is not ready for the NFL. He hasn’t proven to anyone he can throw the ball.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS: Obviously you are thinking too hard about how to bash Tebow instead of understanding my point. Tebow succeeds even if nobody else thinks he will.

TG: I have one question to you though, being completely honest, do you think Tim Tebow can throw the ball well enough against NFL defenses?

CS: Yes, Tim Tebow is a good enough passer to go against NFL defenses. With his long throwing motion, he was able to dominate the best defenses in college football. He has already made huge strides in changing his arm motion for a quicker release. No, Taylor he isn’t changing his whole game he is changing his throwing motion a little bit to have more success. I just have one last question for you, how can you or anyone hate Tim Tebow? Is it because he is a great role model or that he has a Heisman and two national championships?

TG: My point is Tim is, without a doubt, a great role model but he will be known as the two-time national title winner and that’s it.

CS: Alright that’s all we got, just remember this column next season when Tebow is dominating the NFL.

TG: I would like to give a shout out to the Uconn Huskies women for breaking the division one record with 72 W’s in a row.

PM NATION-MLB Bold Predictions

Cody Straub: Welcome to the second edition to PM Nation. First off I would like to thank John Almanza for drawing the PM Nation logo. This week we will make our predictions for the upcoming Major League Baseball season. We will share who we think will win the CY Young for the American and National League, Most Valuable Player, which two teams will reach the World Series and a sleeper team who could surprise everyone.

PM NATION- is a weekly column written by Taylor Groff and Cody Straub.

Taylor Groff: We will first debate the possible CY Young winners in the AL and NL. My selection for the NL is Tim Lincecum from the San Francisco Giants. I’m telling you this guy is lights out when he is pitching. He already is a two-time CY Young award winner and has a ridiculously low ERA of 2.90. He throws hitters off with his extreme delivery and the velocity on his fastball is off the charts. In the AL I’m predicting Felix Hernandez from the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have added some key players to the team like Milton Bradley, Chone Figgins and Casey Kotchman. With these additions to the lineup, Felix will be able to go out confidently on the mound with some big bats behind him.

CS: Tim Lincecum is a great pick, expect for the fact the he is killing his arm every time he throws. His body is not meant to withstand a long grueling season year after year and I think this is the year his arm gives in. My pick for the N.L. CY Young is Adam Wainwright. Throughout Wainwright’s career his stats have improved. Last year Wainwright had a 2.63 ERA and 19 wins.  With a potent offense in St. Louis Wainwright will not have to bring his best stuff every game to pick up a win. In the American League the CY Young winner will be Zach Grienke. The defending CY Young winner had a league low 2.16 ERA last year. When this guy can win 16 games on arguably the worst team in the league he deserves a lot of credit.

Taylor Groff

TG: For MVP I’m going to have to go with my hometown hero Ryan Howard. When this guy hits a homerun it looks like the ball is going to outer space. He is an incredible player and he has been improving all aspects of his game. His defense is definitely taking a lot of positive steps forward. The only small problem is when you break down his swing, he has a lot of trouble hitting the off speed pitches. He hit .279 with 45 homeruns and 141 RBI’s.

CS: There is no way a guy who doesn’t even hit .280, and basically doesn’t show up until the weather gets warm, can win MVP. My MVP choice is Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. He batted .365, much better than Howard, 28 homeruns and 96 RBI’s. While his homerun and RBI’s were just average, his power is improving every season and I think he will put up big numbers. Behind the plate catching, Mauer only made three errors compared to Howard’s 14 errors. Taylor, there is no way your “hometown hero” will win the MVP ahead of Mauer when Howard can’t hit a curveball to save his life.

TG: Really? So your telling me that just because Howard hit .280 that he isn’t worthy of an MVP selection. The years he has been in the league he has put up Hall of Fame numbers. Talk to me now.

CS: That is exactly what I am saying, when Mauer hits .365, Howard DOES NOT deserve to get MVP ahead of him. My World Series prediction is the St. Louis Cardinals over the New York Yankees in six games.  The Cardinals have the best rotation in the league with Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and Joel Pineiro at the top of the rotation. Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday are two MVP candidates in their lineup. My sleeper team who I think will make the playoffs is the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners made the best trade by stealing Cliff Lee from the Phillles.  It’s okay Taylor don’t cry. With Felix Hernandez and Lee at the top of the rotation the Mariners will never suffer long losing streaks through the season. Ichiro will lead their line up and continue to hit over .300 like he does every season.

TG: I think that the World Series teams will be the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Sox are led by a strong rotation and trying to fill some holes in the offense. Their rotation with Josh Beckett, John Lackey, John Lestor, Clay Buchholz and Daisuke Matsuzaka will lead the Sox to a World Series berth.  The Phillies will surely make it three consecutive appearances to the World Series. My sleeper team is the Colorado Rockies. They have a lot of young talent and their star pitcher, Jeff Francis, is returning from an injury.

CS: That’s all for this edition, except for this shout out to Vernon Macklin for dunking over AJ Ogilvy and making him look like a fool.