PM Nation: What is wrong with pro sports

Welcome to another edition of PM Nation. This week we will not only have our weekly debate column, but also for the first time PM Nation will be coming to you from PMTV studios in video. This column’s topic will talk about the problems with professional sports.

PM Nation

Cody Straub: People including me love professional sports because of the competition between the best athletes on the playing field. What happens off the field is the problem with professional sports. The amount of money handed out to the players is ridiculous. The passion in professional sports is not anywhere near the passion in college sports because of one reason, money.

Taylor Groff: There are too many things nowadays wrong about professional sports. The thing that angers me the most is how deceiving these athletes are. There are too many kids in the world seeing elite athletes making great plays on the field and terrible decisions off the field. They are portrayed as the most heroic people in the world at times, but have bad judgment and disappoint many.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS:  I agree it is disappointing to see these pro athletes make bad decisions, but overpaying the players hurts us more. Ticket prices have risen over the years to go watch a ball game because the teams have to pay their players millions of dollars.

TG: I agree a lot of players are playing for money and not the love of the games. You know what would really make me happy next year in the NBA?

CS: What?

TG: With Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade, I would like them to take pay cuts to play for teams with NBA final potential, instead of playing for a terrible team and making more money.

CS: I have an idea that would bring passion back to professional sports. Instead of guaranteeing players millions of dollars when they sign a contract, make the contract completely performance-based. The only way players should make a lot of money is if they perform on the field, and stay out of trouble off the field. This would bring back the passion in the college games back to professional games.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

TG: I love it.

CS: WOW! First thing we have ever agreed on. I guess there is a first time for everything.

TG: Tune in later this week for our first PM Nation video which will focus on the Final Four and the QB crisis in Philadelphia.

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  1. Wow Cody that is a great idea. I want my pro teamates to show the same passion i do.

  2. I agree. $13 million just to get a player who is injured for half of the year? C’mon. Nice point about the ticket prices, Strauby.

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