PM Nation:Tim Tebow top NFL Quarterback?

Welcome to the third edition of PM Nation by Cody Straub and Taylor Groff. This week’s column is about what arguably the best college football player, Tim Tebow, will do in the National Football League.

Cody Straub: Tim Tebow will have a successful NFL career because of his passion and love for the game of football. I am making a bold prediction that if Tebow is drafted by the right team, he will win rookie of the year playing in his own wildcat offense.

Taylor Groff: Not even close, Cody. Tebow seems like he has a lot of love for the game, but I don’t think he is an NFL quarterback. I respect what he did at Florida where he captured two national titles under Urban Meyer. There is just one problem. He seems to have figured out that he needs to change almost every aspect of his game to show NFL scouts he can throw the ball.

CS: Taylor, he is not changing his whole game, he is just tweaking his arm motion to make his release a little quicker. This kid does not accept failure, and doesn’t fail. Everybody is forgetting that he won a Heisman Trophy and two national championships. They think because he is not an “NFL style” quarterback he will not be successful. He is a proven winner at every level of competition he has played at.

Cody Straub Co-editor for PM Nation

TG: When a player has to tweak something a week before the NFL combine that’s not a good sign. He is now taking three and five step drops instead of the shotgun format he ran in Florida.

CS: Taylor, I said the right team, not some idiots who take away his unique style he brings to a team.

TG: His delivery is awful and he takes way too much time to get rid of the ball. You are also right about people forgetting about his Heisman and the two championships because people are more worried about his possible failure in the NFL.

CS:  Everybody makes the mistake of writing him off. Coming into college all the scouts were saying he is not a good enough thrower to be a good college quarterback. In his amazing four college career Tebow had 88 passing touchdowns and 9,285 passing yards. Pretty good for a guy whose throwing ability everyone questioned.

TG: I want to clear this up with everyone. I believe that Tim’s college career was probably one of the best in NCAA history. Even though he had a highly successful college career I still believe he is not ready for the NFL. He hasn’t proven to anyone he can throw the ball.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS: Obviously you are thinking too hard about how to bash Tebow instead of understanding my point. Tebow succeeds even if nobody else thinks he will.

TG: I have one question to you though, being completely honest, do you think Tim Tebow can throw the ball well enough against NFL defenses?

CS: Yes, Tim Tebow is a good enough passer to go against NFL defenses. With his long throwing motion, he was able to dominate the best defenses in college football. He has already made huge strides in changing his arm motion for a quicker release. No, Taylor he isn’t changing his whole game he is changing his throwing motion a little bit to have more success. I just have one last question for you, how can you or anyone hate Tim Tebow? Is it because he is a great role model or that he has a Heisman and two national championships?

TG: My point is Tim is, without a doubt, a great role model but he will be known as the two-time national title winner and that’s it.

CS: Alright that’s all we got, just remember this column next season when Tebow is dominating the NFL.

TG: I would like to give a shout out to the Uconn Huskies women for breaking the division one record with 72 W’s in a row.

5 thoughts on “PM Nation:Tim Tebow top NFL Quarterback?”

  1. either of you can be right but tebow should at least be given a chance. Look at Tom Brady. People thought he was going the be a nobody and now he has three rings under his belt.

  2. I agree with TG. Tebow hasn’t proved to anyone that he can throw the ball. Even though Colt McCoy had a rough title game experience with Bama, he will most likely have a better NFL career ahead of him. Course, in a few years, they’ll have to worry about Greg McEnroy…GO BAMA!

  3. Tebow will probably go down with an injury shortly after given a chance in the NFL. I don’t see him starting right away, or if he does, he won’t make an immediate impact. I agree with TG and think Tebow will be another bust.

  4. I think he will make a great impact just like Drew Brees did when he came back from his huge shoulder injury and nobody thought that he would be any good because of it and look at him now! He is the defending Super Bowl 44 MVP!

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