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Cody Straub: Welcome to another edition of PM Nation. With all the hype of the first prime time NFL draft now over, we’ll go back and review the winners and losers of the draft.
Taylor Groff: Wow. The NFL draft has never attracted more attention than this year. It seemed like the draft this year was more on drafting defensive players over the usual offensive weapons. Teams seemed to be more interested in taking the defensive linemen or linebackers than them taking a chance on an explosive offensive player.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

CS: I agree that teams did not want to take the risk on offensive play makers in the early rounds. Only six players in the first round were QB/RB/WR. Two of those players went to the Denver Broncos. Five years from now we could look back and say the Broncos were the real winners of this draft. They drafted two possible franchise faces in wideout Demaryius Thomas, and  quarterback Tim Tebow. Although they were both very risky picks, unlike all the defensive and offensive lineman drafted who will be productive but not franchise faces, I think that these two names will be the ones we remember from this draft.
TG: No not at all. Franchise faces, please you have no clue where these guys will end up in the next five years. Tebow will have to fight for a spot with starter Kyle Orton and backup Brady Quinn. If anyone is the winner of the draft it would be the Detroit Lions. With the second pick in the first round they went with the explosive defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Their standout pick to me was Jahvid Best from California. He is probably not the every down back this season, but has the potential to become an NFL star. He reminds me of a Chris Johnson they both have a small frame , but don’t let that fool you they’ll blow past you in the blink of an eye.
CS: I also really liked the Lions draft, but in five years, Suh will just be a good NFL defensive lineman who nobody remembers because of his position. He can’t put his team on his back, and carry his team to a victory like Tim Tebow has the ability to do. I have to say the clear-cut loser of this draft was the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the 10th overall pick they got Tyson Alualu a defensive lineman from Cal who would have been available in the second round. To make it even worse with their second pick, they took yet another defensive tackle. I don’t really know what the Jaguars were thinking, they need playmakers on that team.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

TG: The standout pick to me was Dez Bryant. Even with his off-the-field troubles he will be a standout star. Be ready Dez the ball will be thrown to you. Miles Austin will draw a lot of attention his way to leave Bryant in a one-on-one cover with a CB. Bryant will have a monster rookie season. Thats all we got for this edition, stay tuned later this week for a PM Nation video

By: Cody Straub and Taylor Groff

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  1. Jahvid Best could be a potential bust. He had a severe concussion in college and is prone to injuries. I don’t see him carrying the load as an NFL back and might do best being a return man.

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