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Welcome to another edition to PM Nation. With the long season of the NBA playoffs in full swing, we will take a look at if the playoff schedule needs to be changed or if it is fine how it is now.
CS: The NBA playoffs are here, and unlike other playoffs are here to stay for awhile. Some people call it the second NBA season. The NBA playoffs are way too long, about a month and a half, and the major reason is all the days off.

Taylor Groff Co-editor for PM Nation

TG: I’d like to point out that almost all of these players are going into the the postseason  with injuries. NBA players go through the grueling 82-game regular season of the NBA, and need days off to rest their bodies.
CS: Players go through the whole season playing back-to-back games, or with only one day off. I don’t understand while the series play back to back games or with just one day off to travel. Nobody, including probably the players, want to have a game on a Monday night and then wait until      Thursday to have another game.
TG: If anything, these players are happy about days off to rest. Look at Steve Nash and Manu Ginobili they both suffered injuries in the playoffs and I can guarantee they would love to have two days of rest before a huge game.

Cody Straub Co-Editor of PM Nation

CS: These player develop a routine throughout the season. That routine revolves around them playing everyday or every other day, so I doubt these players want multiple days off to get out of their routine. Even if they want days off, I still don’t think it is right to give them multiple days off. These players are getting paid millions of dollars each season to play a game they, hopefully, love. Just because they are a little tired does not mean they shouldn’t have to go to work. Believe it or not, Taylor, there are people who work five to seven days a week. There is no reason these players making the money they are can work/play four or five days a week.
TG:Ask MVP Lebron James and he would tell you he needs two days of rest before the next game. Plus it’s not like they still don’t work. The off days they’ll go to the gym, have a shoot around with the team and practice their game. But from a viewer’s standpoint, I can see what you are talking about.

CS: Either way it is ridiculous to have playoffs last over a month! People will lose interest in it after the first round, and the exciting rounds are later. The NBA either has to cut all the off days or make the first round or two shorter.

TG: That’s all we got for today, stay tuned for more columns and videos from PM Nation.

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