Ah, getting reading for college… so many things to do in so little time.

The time to worry about getting into college is over but suddenly a new list of worries begins when students realize they need to furnish and organize their dorm room at school.  Move-in day may be the biggest stress-filled day for a college freshman.

Two questions to ask before that day comes- how much stuff is going to fit in my room? What should be in it? If only there was a way to design your own dorm before you moved in…wait there is a way:!

The founders of "Design your Dorm."

Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson first came up with the idea to design your own dorm during their sophomore year of college at the University of Arizona. The two since then have turned their idea into a fully Web 2.0-equipped site.

“Putting the posters on the wall and moving the items around, and just the flexible room layout are my favorite features,” said Widelitz.

The site is simple and forthright, first you select your room from a large list of participating colleges and universities. Next, choose the items you want in your dorm which ranges from everything from a Hannah Montana poster to a Tempur-Pedic mattress bed. Then connect with your future roomy to see what they have in mind. Next thing you know you’re tallying up your shopping cart and having the stuff shipped to your university.

The fact that you can select not just a poster, lamp or computer desk, but a specific item, is really what intrigues most people to the design aspect of the site. The collaboration between you and your roommate to see exactly what your dorm is going to look like before hand, is another factor to set this apart. But then to actually be able to buy and ship the items straight off the site, which uses, is a feature that will make move-in day go more smoothly for upcoming college freshman and their parents.

“To have high school seniors know what their dorm will be like is the key goal,” said Widelitz.

If this didn’t seem like enough, the two plan to expand their services to not only include dormitories, but to include apartment complexes, condominiums and office spaces.

The site is constantly being updated to keep up with the upcoming college bound students.

By Robert  Henry

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  1. I want my dorm room to have a three-car garage, a large basement, and two swimming pools.

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