Peace-Keeping Mission Could be a Cause for Concern for PM Enlisted

By Vaughn Stetler –

America is turning over its enforcement of the no-fly zone to NATO.

The United Nations authorized the intervention after massive violations of human rights were taking place in Libya, namely its leader, Moammar Gadhafi, was attacking his own people in order to squash a civil rebellion.

Not everyone agrees with the intervention.

One high level aide said that “The U.S. would once again be meddling in in the Middle East,” and “There are a number of risks including political and tactical.”

Civilians run from house that was hit in an air strike.

There are people who are on the  other side of this argument such as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,  John Kerry, who said “We must not make repeating mistakes like we did in Iraq, Kurdistan, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Any sort of foreign military action may have some of Penn Manor future enlisted members worried.

Penn Manor senior and future NROTC enlistee Kyle Kann said, “I do not think that we should get involved.  We should let them work out their own problems.  It would give them an opportunity to shape the future of the country as they see fit.”

When Kann said the decision by the U.S. to get involved in Libya would not change his plans for enlisting.

Rebels celebrating after capture of city.

“No not at all,” said Kann, “I still want to serve my country even if I do not agree with what they are doing in the Middle East.”

Penn Manor senior James McElroy is thinking of joining the Marines.

“We don’t need to send any more troops over there (Middle East),” McElroy said.  “There is already enough problems with Iraq and Afghanistan.”

McElroy  thought that we should send aid to some of the people who had been affected by this conflict he said, “Of course the U.S. has always been an ally of foreign countries that are having crisis, why should that change now.”

Another senior, Andrew Noel, who is going into the Navy to be an engineer said, “I was supposed to be stationed in Germany but now the (military action in Libya) might change were I am going after basic I may be stationed in the Middle East or somewhere else.”

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  1. Where-ever your stationed guys, thanks for your service! : ) We hope you’ll come home safe!

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