A Cold Spring is not Refreshing

The weather feels like the photo on the left when everyone wants it to be like the photo on the right. Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com

By Eli Marcelino –

Spring arrived but it forgot to bring warmer temperatures.

Now that the long cold winter is over and spring officially began March 21, you might think Mother Nature would be giving us lots of warm, sunny days. But it seemed that the first week of spring of 2011 seemed more like the first week of winter.

“This year’s spring started pretty crappy. It is still cold,” said freshman David Carmichael.

So far this “spring” the weather has been cloudy and rainy with highs barely into the 40s.

Although a few brave flowers are peeking above the soil, blooms are still a rare sight.

“The weather feels like winter,” said freshman Ricky Reveron.

According to WGAL.com, not only it is supposed to rain this week but they are also calling for chance of snow on Sunday.

“I’m angered by it,” said junior Cody Stryker. “It’s not pleasant for me.”

“It’s very depressing considering it’s Spring,” said senior Morgan Talbert. “It’s a downer for people who play sports because we can’t practice.”

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