Friends vs. Relationships – Who will Win?

By Robin Green –

In one corner we have the best friend at 151 pounds facing the boyfriend at 150 pounds. Who will win the title?

The battle continues for high school students in relationships. They struggle to find the equal balance between time with friends and time with their significant other. At Penn Manor High School sometimes the balance seems to be tipping more to one side.

Significant others are seeing all hearts and love.

“When it’s a close friend and we make plans and they ditch me I get really mad,” Adam Swift, high school senior, said.

Swift expresses his frustration when his close friends put their girlfriends before him. Its a tough situation, teenagers in particular find it difficult to find the time for both sides. Swift admits to favoring his girlfriend over his friends.

“When a bunch of my friends go on group dates, me and my girlfriend split up from the group sometimes,” Swift said.

Even those with someone special get angry when their other friends with relationships spend more time with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Brian Dunne, a senior at Penn Manor, speaks from both ends of the deal.

“I used to get mad before I had a serious relationship,” Dunne said,”but now I understand.”

Dunne expressed regret about spending so much time with one person unlike before his relationship where he hung with friends everyday. So are the friends getting the short end of the stick? For one senior his best friend is his girlfriend.

A group of friends divided by a relationship. Taken by Robin Green

“I spend every minute with Jill,” Greg Gydush said,”but that’s my choice, she’s my best friend.”

Gydush gets the best of both worlds, but you have to wonder how it got this way. Being best friends with your significant other is all peachy keen but what about before the relationship?

“My best friend and I don’t hang out as much as we did before she started dating her boyfriend,” Sam Eshleman said.”But everyone does it at some point.”

And it’s true, teenagers are selfish for a lot of the time. Try to keep that in mind the next time your friend makes plans with their boo over some girl time or guy time. But it’s harder than it looks. Neither friend or best friend will be taking the title for the win.

“When it comes down to it, you can’t make everyone happy,” Eshleman said, ” you have to do what makes you happy.”

Replace Your Winter Coats with T-Shirts: A Sneak Peek of Spring is Here

By Alex Geli and Kendal Phillips

There are things around Penn Manor High School that haven’t been very prevalent lately.

Legs. Grass. Parking spots.

According to The Weather Channel, the forecast for Wednesday through Friday shows average temperature highs of 56 degrees Fahrenheit with Monday having a high of 49, Thursday, 57 and Friday, a whopping 62. With little chance of rain on all three days, students will surely be taking advantage of of the unexpected warm weather by showing off a little skin – while it lasts, anyway. After all, it is still winter.

Expert storm analyst and forecaster from Millersville University, Eric Horst, explained the rise in temperature as “unseasonably warm,” adding, “maybe we’ll have a shot at the record (7o degrees) if the sun is out all day (Friday).”

Horst explained why the sudden increase in temperature happened in the middle of February, saying that atmosphere is going through a seasonal transition where the jet stream is “highly erratic.”

Usually the transition starts in March, but it is “not unprecedented in February.”

So Al Gore, hold your horses.

“It’s not global warming,” he said.

This heat wave will not last long, according to Horst. Wind is expected over the weekend after a 30 percent chance of rain on Friday, along with a cold front on Saturday.

“It’s back to reality,” he said, but the pattern will continue with hot spots dispersed all along the months of February and March as the transition continues.

“It’s rare that the atmosphere just flips the switch and it’s done,” the weather expert said, talking about winter transitioning to spring. So people all around the country will have to strap on their seat belts as they go on a two-month long “roller coaster ride”  of temperatures until spring finally rolls around by the first week of April.

“A couple days of winter, a couple days of spring,” Horst explained. That pattern will continue to keep hopes alive for random spurts of warm weather until the rain and allergies make their debut in 2011.

So expect to see flip flops; expect to see shorts; expect to see the snow on the ground slowly diminish; expect to see more believers in Punxsutawney Phil too, because the 121-year old groundhog was right – spring might just be coming earlier than expected.

Sports schedule changes due to weather

By Sarah Garner

The following sports events have been rescheduled for today:

Penn Manor Wrestling @ Spring Grove (5:30 pm, 4:15 pm weigh in, bus leaves at 3:00 pm)

Boys Varsity/JV Basketball @ Manheim Township (6:30/8:00 pm)

Boys Freshman Basketball @ Manheim Township (4:00 pm Var, JV/7th grade 4:00/5:00 pm)

Girls Varsity/JV Basketball vs. Manheim Township @ Penn Manor (6:30/8:00 pm)

Girls Freshman Basketball vs. Manheim Township @ Penn Manor (Var. 4:00 pm at HS East Gym, JV/7th grade 4:00/5:00 pm at Manor Middle)

Spring May Come Early This Year

By Alex Blythe –

On February second, Pennsylvania’s longest living groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, did not see his shadow which means an early spring for Pennsylvania.  However, Lancaster’s own Octorora Orphie hurried into his burrow after reportedly seeing his shadow.

No matter what groundhog is the authority, it sure doesn’t seem like spring is any time soon this week with snow, ice and freezing rain causing delays and cancellations.

Although the break from school was welcomed by many, the spring will not be quite as bright since all the snow days will be made up by missed vacation days this spring.

Wintry weather has caused havoc with the school calendar. Photo by Kendal Phillips

The district’s built-in snow days will have to be made up March 21, April 21 and also April 25, cutting Easter vacation to just Good Friday and the weekend.

January 26, when secondary reported to school amid unexpected snowfall and elementary was closed, will not have to be made up at the end of the year.

Not everyone could agree on the benefit of missing school on snow days.

Abby Newport, a senior at Penn Manor stated that “I’d rather go to school during snow days, I wanna get out of school as early as possible.”

Senior Mark Curtin wants a longer summer along with junior Gage Karr who is happy the district is replacing vacation days so far, not adding days to the end of the calendar in June.

But senior, Alyssa Jahnke, held the opposite opinion.

“I’d rather stay home during snow days and go at the end of summer,” said Jahnke.

Hopefully the weather will be nicer in the spring months to come.

Weather Causes Cancellations for Penn Manor

By Lyta Ringo

Due to the accumulation of snowfall in the Penn Manor area, the elementary schools were closed in the morning, and the secondary buildings will be letting out at 12:30. After the students are gone, the schools will be closed for the afternoon.

On top of the early dismissal, all after school activities will be canceled and postponed. The girls and boys basketball games have been rescheduled for Thursday with the boys 9th grade game beginning at 4 p.m. and the 8th grade game starting at 5 p.m.

Early Dismissal Satisfies Students after Snowy Surprise

By Alex Geli and Kendal Phillips –

Delay? Nope.  It’s definitely  got to be closed then, right? Wrong again.

More like a 12:30 early dismissal.

A couple of the very few cars on the parking deck covered by snow. Photo by Kendal Phillips

Students all over Susquehanna Valley got a pleasant surprise when they peaked out their window Wednesday morning to find the roads coated with snow already at seven in the morning. Hopes shot up, but when WGAL didn’t show Penn Manor having a delay or closing, those hopes turned into fears.

Drivers were put to the test as they went out onto the snowy roads of Lancaster for the students who did come to school.

“The roads were really dangerous,” said senior Katie Maisel. “We definitely should’ve had off.”

After several students came in a tad later than the normal 7:40 a.m., teachers were sent an email notifying students and faculty that elementary schools in the district were closed and an early dismissal for secondary students was in the works.  The high school followed the early dismissal schedule.

Snowy, dangerous roads made students stop and think before going off to school. Photo by Kendal Phillips

That email was then shared with the slim number of students that took the ride to school, putting a smile on their face knowing that they only have a half day ahead of them.

Some of those smiles, however, were to conceal inner nervousness for the ride when the clock hits twenty after twelve.

“I’m scared to drive home,” said Maisel.

Although weather reports earlier in the week predicted much of the snow that is now falling would be rain or a “wintry mix,” an update on conditions now lists the possibility of six to nine inches of snow for our area.

The Blizzard Of 2011

By Connor Rowe

Word of a so-called blizzard has been circulating the halls of Penn Manor.

Students at Penn Manor have been developing weather reports of their own based on what they heard on the news since last week and have been blowing them out of proportion.

Penn Manor student, Josh Carle said, “We are going to get 4 feet and will be so much that it will cover football fields!”

According to Eric Horst, Millersville University’s meteorologist, the storm will not be developing till Wednesday, but will most likely be arriving with rain that has been developing from the south. The temperature will rise to the upper 30’s making the precipitation difficult to accumulate.

If a delay or closing was to occur it would most likely happen Thursday if the temperature would happen to decline Wednesday night, according to Horst.

There is uncertainty about this arriving storm, but Horst says, “There is potential for a few inches.”

He also stated that there is a 1 and 3 chance of nothing.

As a lottery question on whether we will have a delay or closing this week Horst followed with,”Who knows?”

More Snow in the Future

With snow expected in the forecast, Penn Manor might get a delay of school on Friday. According to Millersville Meteorologist Eric Horst, the snow is expected to start overnight and end in the wee hours of the morning, accumulating 2-5 inches on the ground.

During the day on Friday it will be brisk with high teens through the twenties, and the winds will gust from 15-25 mph, “give or take” stated Horst.

According to WGAL, there will be a winter weather advisory from 7pm tonight continuing until 9am Friday, it may cause traveling difficulties and limited visibility.

“This will be the coldest air of the winter,” expressed Horst. Saturday will have a high around 20 degrees and the wind chill will make it feel like zero.

By Alex Blythe

Plowable Snow Coming our Way

Set your alarm clocks fifteen minutes early tomorrow, slippery travel may cause some quandaries in the early hours.

A low pressure system is coming from the Midwest with little moisture in the air as another low pressure system strides northward up the East coast carrying a lot a moisture.  These two systems are beginning to collide giving the potential for snow over a vast area.

Light snow will begin around 4 p.m. lasting until about 6 pm when the snow will intensify and larger amounts of snowfall will begin to pile up.  Around midnight, snowfall will slow and soon taper off around 3 a.m., according to Eric Horst, meteorologist at Millersville University.

David Bender explains our next weather maker. Photo by Kyle Hallett

“I expect two to five inches by the time this event is over with more accumulations further eastward,” said Horst,  “this won’t be a major storm, it’s just moving too quickly for larger amounts of snow.”

Horst gives this storm a 20 percent chance that six to eight inches will be seen and maybe, if the system is too dry, only two inches will accumulate.

A plow makes their way through the snow. Photo by

Further east, up to a foot or more is expected.  Snow amounts fall the further west you track.

The morning commute will most likely see snow covered secondary roads with wet conditions on the main roads.  Plows will be on the move during this whole storm and being careful is the best bet.

As for the rest of the week, cold temperatures will stick around with wind following the snow storm that may cause some drifting.

Get your snow stuff ready, sledding is a real possibility.

By Cree Bleacher and Kyle Hallett

Delay? Early Dismissal? No School? No Way

Waking up tomorrow, turning on the news and seeing that school is canceled due to a lot of snow will be a big disappointment to the students who discover the rumors of snow turned out to be rumors.

According to earth science teacher, David Bender, Penn Manor’s unofficial meteorologist, the district will see a very small amount of snow tomorrow, just a dusting to an inch, if that.

David Bender explaining the chance of large amounts of snow tomorrow not happening. Photo by Kyle Hallett

A low pressure system is creeping in from central Canada, carrying with it only little moisture.  The system will pass just south of Pennsylvania towards the coast. Snow will start falling late tonight where only a dusting will be seen, according to Bender.

“The Great Lakes are the only thing fueling this system right now and won’t flare up until it gets to the ocean,” he said.

The system will become a secondary low pressure system when it reaches the ocean where more evaporation will take place and moisture will build up.  This is when it will crank up and most of the snow or snow squalls will come (morning to early afternoon).

Snow storm in effect gathering moisture from the Great Lakes creating the lake effect snows. Photo by NWS Enchanced Radar

“Areas south of the Turnpike will accumulate a dusting to an inch, but when the system becomes a secondary low and there is something like a high pressure system further out in the ocean to block it,” Bender explained, “more snow will be dumped since the low will hang around longer and strengthen.”

The science teacher continued, “I’ll give it a 20 percent chance at the best for this to occur.”

“I don’t expect a delay or an early dismissal tomorrow,” Bender stated.

This snow storm doesn’t seem too promising but the weather coming next week seems to have more activity with a possibility of snow.

Bender explained that when a system starts out west, dips south toward the gulf and starts up the coast, a larger chance of a bigger snowfall will occur. If the system does not travel far enough south, the moisture will gather further north in the Atlantic ocean and miss Pennsylvania as it completes the rotation coming back into the US.

By Cree Bleacher and Kyle Hallett