Friends vs. Relationships – Who will Win?

By Robin Green –

In one corner we have the best friend at 151 pounds facing the boyfriend at 150 pounds. Who will win the title?

The battle continues for high school students in relationships. They struggle to find the equal balance between time with friends and time with their significant other. At Penn Manor High School sometimes the balance seems to be tipping more to one side.

Significant others are seeing all hearts and love.

“When it’s a close friend and we make plans and they ditch me I get really mad,” Adam Swift, high school senior, said.

Swift expresses his frustration when his close friends put their girlfriends before him. Its a tough situation, teenagers in particular find it difficult to find the time for both sides. Swift admits to favoring his girlfriend over his friends.

“When a bunch of my friends go on group dates, me and my girlfriend split up from the group sometimes,” Swift said.

Even those with someone special get angry when their other friends with relationships spend more time with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Brian Dunne, a senior at Penn Manor, speaks from both ends of the deal.

“I used to get mad before I had a serious relationship,” Dunne said,”but now I understand.”

Dunne expressed regret about spending so much time with one person unlike before his relationship where he hung with friends everyday. So are the friends getting the short end of the stick? For one senior his best friend is his girlfriend.

A group of friends divided by a relationship. Taken by Robin Green

“I spend every minute with Jill,” Greg Gydush said,”but that’s my choice, she’s my best friend.”

Gydush gets the best of both worlds, but you have to wonder how it got this way. Being best friends with your significant other is all peachy keen but what about before the relationship?

“My best friend and I don’t hang out as much as we did before she started dating her boyfriend,” Sam Eshleman said.”But everyone does it at some point.”

And it’s true, teenagers are selfish for a lot of the time. Try to keep that in mind the next time your friend makes plans with their boo over some girl time or guy time. But it’s harder than it looks. Neither friend or best friend will be taking the title for the win.

“When it comes down to it, you can’t make everyone happy,” Eshleman said, ” you have to do what makes you happy.”