The Blizzard Of 2011

By Connor Rowe

Word of a so-called blizzard has been circulating the halls of Penn Manor.

Students at Penn Manor have been developing weather reports of their own based on what they heard on the news since last week and have been blowing them out of proportion.

Penn Manor student, Josh Carle said, “We are going to get 4 feet and will be so much that it will cover football fields!”

According to Eric Horst, Millersville University’s meteorologist, the storm will not be developing till Wednesday, but will most likely be arriving with rain that has been developing from the south. The temperature will rise to the upper 30’s making the precipitation difficult to accumulate.

If a delay or closing was to occur it would most likely happen Thursday if the temperature would happen to decline Wednesday night, according to Horst.

There is uncertainty about this arriving storm, but Horst says, “There is potential for a few inches.”

He also stated that there is a 1 and 3 chance of nothing.

As a lottery question on whether we will have a delay or closing this week Horst followed with,”Who knows?”