Early Dismissal Satisfies Students after Snowy Surprise

By Alex Geli and Kendal Phillips –

Delay? Nope.  It’s definitely  got to be closed then, right? Wrong again.

More like a 12:30 early dismissal.

A couple of the very few cars on the parking deck covered by snow. Photo by Kendal Phillips

Students all over Susquehanna Valley got a pleasant surprise when they peaked out their window Wednesday morning to find the roads coated with snow already at seven in the morning. Hopes shot up, but when WGAL didn’t show Penn Manor having a delay or closing, those hopes turned into fears.

Drivers were put to the test as they went out onto the snowy roads of Lancaster for the students who did come to school.

“The roads were really dangerous,” said senior Katie Maisel. “We definitely should’ve had off.”

After several students came in a tad later than the normal 7:40 a.m., teachers were sent an email notifying students and faculty that elementary schools in the district were closed and an early dismissal for secondary students was in the works.  The high school followed the early dismissal schedule.

Snowy, dangerous roads made students stop and think before going off to school. Photo by Kendal Phillips

That email was then shared with the slim number of students that took the ride to school, putting a smile on their face knowing that they only have a half day ahead of them.

Some of those smiles, however, were to conceal inner nervousness for the ride when the clock hits twenty after twelve.

“I’m scared to drive home,” said Maisel.

Although weather reports earlier in the week predicted much of the snow that is now falling would be rain or a “wintry mix,” an update on conditions now lists the possibility of six to nine inches of snow for our area.