Spring May Come Early This Year

By Alex Blythe –

On February second, Pennsylvania’s longest living groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, did not see his shadow which means an early spring for Pennsylvania.  However, Lancaster’s own Octorora Orphie hurried into his burrow after reportedly seeing his shadow.

No matter what groundhog is the authority, it sure doesn’t seem like spring is any time soon this week with snow, ice and freezing rain causing delays and cancellations.

Although the break from school was welcomed by many, the spring will not be quite as bright since all the snow days will be made up by missed vacation days this spring.

Wintry weather has caused havoc with the school calendar. Photo by Kendal Phillips

The district’s built-in snow days will have to be made up March 21, April 21 and also April 25, cutting Easter vacation to just Good Friday and the weekend.

January 26, when secondary reported to school amid unexpected snowfall and elementary was closed, will not have to be made up at the end of the year.

Not everyone could agree on the benefit of missing school on snow days.

Abby Newport, a senior at Penn Manor stated that “I’d rather go to school during snow days, I wanna get out of school as early as possible.”

Senior Mark Curtin wants a longer summer along with junior Gage Karr who is happy the district is replacing vacation days so far, not adding days to the end of the calendar in June.

But senior, Alyssa Jahnke, held the opposite opinion.

“I’d rather stay home during snow days and go at the end of summer,” said Jahnke.

Hopefully the weather will be nicer in the spring months to come.