Save the Date (and some money)

By Brandon McCormick –

What’s the hype for prom night? Every senior starts to worry when the first semester nears the end. This means prom is only a couple weeks away. But what does everyone get so stressed about anyway? One night at the end of your senior year that you probably won’t remember a couple years from now.

Senior women in particular spend outrageous amounts of money on dresses, hair, nails and accessories for the big event. According to, on average, women spend $250 on a dress! That’s such a ridiculous amount of money to spend for a dress you will wear probably one time in your life. Including hair, nails, accessories and other random girl stuff, they’ll spend about another $150.

On the guys side, buying two tickets for the night on top of a tux and transportation can add up quickly. Penn Manor’s tickets this year cost $35. This means $70 just on tickets for a gentleman who buys his and his date’s ticket. Plus a tux which costs around $150, and transportation for the night.

Brandon McCormick

Most seniors see this as the thing you kind of have to do. Girls get all pepped up for the event and guys get dragged along. There is reason to go. It’s traditional to find a date, get ready and have the night of your life. Yet traditional views aren’t always right, it is also traditional to have family dinner with relatives but who really loves doing that? Don’t forget you’re not spending a couple hundred dollars when eating dinner with extended family.

Traditions can be changed. Nobody likes to worry about things. Added pressure on top of graduation and senior finals isn’t needed. The pressure should be taken off of prom. The homecoming dance isn’t taken so seriously, why is prom. Go, or don’t go…who cares. If you enjoy dancing and want to spend money with your friends by all means go and have the night of your life.

Seniors need to stop feeling so obligated to attend prom, spend money and have an amazing time. College is near in the future. Some seniors should save the money for bigger and better things, and focus their attention on more important subjects. Take a deep breath, relax and make an informed, unemotional decision before deciding whether to go to prom or not.

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  1. Save your money, sit at home and cry after you realize most of your friends are at prom. Don’t like it? Put more effort into the fund raisers. What’s that you say, most of the costs go towards things not covered by fundraiser money? Budget it out, pick cheaper stuff, and if all else fails break the traditions and try to revamp the institution of prom.

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