Obama vs Gadhafi in the Fight for Freedom

By Hayden Gonzalez –

With the on-going crisis in Libya dragging on indefinitely, the conflict is affecting more then just people in Libya. It is also affecting American citizens as well as high school students who have very little information on this topic but know just enough to have an opinion of what is going on.

According to Penn Manor student Darrin Fry, “Obama wants oil for the United States, so that’s the only reason he wants to maintain peace in Libya.”

Libya is under control of Leader Muammar Gaddafi who has reigned supreme for 42 years. But Gaddafi turned on his own people, attacking them for wanting a new government with expanded civil rights

“Gadhafi is very reckless and needs to be thrown out of power,” said senior Noah Kuhn.

Involving the United States in Libya is going to have a high cost, according to some students.

“Were spending money that we don’t have,” said junior Dave Schneider.

Obama declared he would have a U.S. naval warship sail to the Mediterranean sea to try and help maintain peace in a country ran by a leader who is refusing to give up his power over Libya.

“Let it play out. We’re in everyone else’s business anyway,” said Darrin Fry, a 16-year-old junior from Penn Manor High School.

But there have been many different countries that are getting involved in this fight. The United States as well as France has sent several fighter planes to Libya to maintain peace but there has also been a report of a Danish f-15 plane roaming the skies as well.

Kuhn also said that he was surprise President Obama sent troops to Libya since he is “a pacifist liberal.”

Kuhn also said, “I thought his goal was to end the war (meaning the ongoing war in Iraq) not start another one.”

The United States has had several involvements with U.S. troops in Libya. In 1981 there were two Libyan jets shot down by U.S. troops. Also in 1986 and 1989 there were U.S. fighter jets shot down another set of planes from Libya.

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