School Board Discusses Future of Hambright

By Alyssa Jahnke –

The latest Penn Manor School Board meeting was held April 18 and, although not many citizens showed up to it, some had a lot to say.

One mother and daughter took their complaints about the daughter’s lacrosse coach to the school board who listened to the litany with interest but took no action.

Two student representatives from Penn Manor High School spoke about what is going on in the schools. They recapped on the spots seasons and what is going to happen during the upcoming weeks.

The board watched a power point presentation on the plan for students who have an individualized education plan, or IEP.  The information told school board members that the state requires schools to increase the PSSA test scores of IEP students by 10 percent each year.  The board learned that 95 percent of students with IEPs are educated in the district facilities while five percent have serious medical problems that need more attention.

Employee wages were discussed at the meeting. No decisions were made concerning the future of salaries considering the budget deficits faced by the district.  It was noted that some positions in the school district are not being replaced. Seventy-four percent of the budget is for the professional staff, which are the teachers.

The last item discussed was the future of Hambright elementary school building.  The two options are rebuilding it or remodeling it. The elementary students will be displaced only if the existing building is renovated. If a new school is constructed, the students will stay in the existing building until the new building is ready.

The next school board meeting will be May 2 at 7 p.m. at Manor Middle School.