6 thoughts on “January’s Editorial Cartoon”

  1. Have mercy please, and someone scale that picture that thumbnail links to down. My low RAMs can barely handle the 3492px × 2536px resolution

  2. hahah this is very amusing , too bad our presidents going to achieve absolutly nothing while in office, this is america we dont rely on handouts nationwide healthcare is a joke

  3. pmrepub, I disagree. Yeah, wouldn’t want our government to help a poor cancer patient now would we? Let them die just because they don’t have money? Who’s the terrorist now? just some food for though.

  4. Anony, the fact isnt about who they’re helping it’s giving them the power to help, the fact that the people give their government the power to decide who gets help and who doesnt is basically giving them the power to determine who lives and who dies, although they will preach they will help everybody.

  5. The problem is that you can’t do anything about it because you are just a citizen and there are bigger, better people calling the shots.

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