Christmas, What a Wonderful Time of Year

Ah, Christmastime.  Everyone is in a great mood.  Even the strictest teachers put on a holiday grin.

Seriously, all the teachers are in such a good state of mind it seems like elves must have put a little Christmas cheer in all the morning coffee.

Having overly cheerful teachers is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks for students over the holidays.

David Mohimani

One bonus is holiday food.  Oh my,  Christmas cookies are an unparalleled  perk of Christmas.   Even when you scarf down  a dozen cookies,  you don’t feel bad.  Just chalk it up to the holidays.

Another thing.  Your parents are probably so stressed with all the preparations for Christmas, they aren’t even going to notice the “D” you got on your progress report.

Ah, and what can compare to that glorious week off when the only thing you have to worry about is your supply of batteries, what size your new clothes are and when to use the bathroom during endless hours of video games.

The thing that makes Christmas really Christmas, is family – whether its your uncle, an organic farmer, who is oddly competitive at board games, or your dad yelling at your brother because he thinks that two beers certifies him as an alcoholic or even your 95-year-old great aunt who, when you ask her if she has her hearing aid in, replies, “What!?”

That is what makes Christmas so great- your family and the memories that you share with them.

So what is it about Christmas?  Is it the smell in the air, the Christmas lights, the candy canes or is it the mystique and anticipation of  Christmas Eve night? Maybe Christmas is the best time of the year because of all these reasons.  But whatever it is, the question remains: Why can’t we have Christmas all year long?

Well, because then it wouldn’t be Christmas.

So this Christmas let’s cherish it, because it only comes once a year.

By David Mohimani

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  1. Golly, those Elves must have spiked my coffee too since I’ve been so pumped for the winter holidays. I can’t wait for Santa to come!

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