Hard Drives to Possibly Become Extinct

By Ryan Krause –

What’s going to happen to the hard drives when the internet becomes a replacement?

In Maximum PC magazine, it was reported that the hard drive is one of the twelve pieces of technology that will disappear. The hard drive was ranked #4 to fade away soon in their magazine.

Gord Goble of Maximum PC wrote, “Today, hard drives are crazy cheap. So too were floppy drives and HD DVDs as their expiration date neared.”

It’s kind of like HD DVDs: they got really cheap then just fell off the face of the earth.

A regular computer hard drive. Photo owned by Maximumpc.com.

The internet is not the only thing taking out the hard drive.

There is a recently new type of drive called a SSD, or a Solid State Drive.

These drives operate on flash memory, although extremely expensive, these drives perform exuberantly faster than a regular hard drive.

They are also much more reliable and can take a beating compared to their more fragile counterparts.

Online websites such as Google Docs are also taking over for saving files.

“I find Google Docs to be quite convenient,” said senior Jerome Lynch.

Even news are more popularly online rather than on paper now.

Just like Penn Points.

The popular program, Steam, showcases their “Steam Cloud” function which allows gamers to save their save games on the Steam network.

This provides them with the ability to access their saves from multiple computers that have an internet connection.

The term for saving files online is generally referred to as the “cloud.”

It all comes down to whether or not the standard hard drive will be replaced by Solid State Disks and/or the “cloud.”

All that is certain is the hard drive is destined for the grave very shortly.