Technology’s Impact on Children

by Claudia Pluck

Technology is not only changing every second of every day, but it’s also changing the way it is impacting children all at the same time. Children are learning about technology faster and faster every day and how to use the devices. Devices are made for children of all ages including toddlers now too. According to Karehka Ramey from, technology is used more by children nowadays than it ever has since the 1990s.

 Karehka also says that children use different technologies including things like television, social networks, internet, video games, smartphones and even things like the calculator. Using things like the calculator prevent children from doing things with there own brain to actually learn and process what is going on when doing different things. Some things include different math problems and in different situations when they get older like when paying their own bills.

 Slowly and slowly while learning these different forms of technology children can become lazier because they start to not use their brain and not function much by just sitting on the couch all day using technology. Using the technology too much can cause children to have weight problems which can lead to serious diseases that last for the rest of their lives. Karehka Also says technology can also restrict children from interacting which other kids and can lead to children being very lonely or depressed.

 We may start to now think that it is all because of the children, but it is not.  Karehka says that parents as the adults have the responsibility to give children a limit on how much time is enough time for children to be using the technology on a daily basis.  Laziness from technology can be prevented everyday by parents making sure their children are being active for the appropriate amount of time everyday.

 As to all of that, Karehka also says parents and children using technology need to be aware of the predators that lurk on the internet. That then being said the internet can not only affect if children are safe from these dangerous people, but can also affect the parents seeing that their children have the possibility of being stolen.

 Technology for children is not only just a negative thing but it can also be a positive thing if it is used by the children in the proper way. According to  technology can be used to enhance learning for a child by things like building social skills and helping them learn faster. It could also help to get them to know their surroundings. In the long run technology impacts children in different ways depending on how it is used by them.



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13 Tips For Saving Phone Battery

Connor Rowe posted an article about this in 2010, ( but I thought it would be a good idea to write an update for the newer technology of recent years.

We all know cell phone battery life can be a nuisance to consumers. You pull out your phone at halftime of a football game, and you’re somehow at 20%. No big deal, right? It should be able to last until the end of the game. But as you go to text your friend during a timeout in the fourth quarter, the phone is magically at 3%, and by the end of the game, it’s dead. Here are seven tips to help you preserve battery (and where to find them):

  1. Turn down brightness; turn off auto-brightness. Everybody probably knows this one by now, but it bares repeating. The iPhone has a light sensor that adjusts the brightness automatically. Turning this off and adjusting brightness manually can boost battery life. (Control Center)
  2. Turn off wi-fi unless you’re connected to it. If you’re not connected to wi-fi but it is on anyway, your phone will constantly search for signals, and doing this can drain your battery. (Control Center)
  3. Turn ON “Reduce Motion”. On iOS 7 and up, the phone’s background moves when you move the phone itself. Although its a cool feature, its also a good way to drain your battery unnecessarily. (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion)
  4. DO NOT be fooled into thinking quitting background apps saves battery. iOS instantly suspends apps that are in the background, meaning they don’t waste any battery at all. And if you have a large amount of apps in the background, it can actually waste battery to go through and quit all of them.
  5. Turn off Background App Refresh. This feature of iOS 7+ automatically updates apps based on when you usually open them. This feature is very useful but obviously, it can drain battery life very quickly. (Settings > General > Background App Refresh)
  6. See what apps are using the most battery. A new feature in iOS 8 is telling you what apps have used the most battery in the past 24 hours or 7 days. (Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage)
  7. While playing music in the car or on the bus, turn on airplane mode. Unless you’re playing music using a third-party music playing app (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) or iRadio, your iPhone doesn’t need the internet to play music from the Music app. (Control Center)
  8. Avoid letting your phone die. Intentionally draining your battery from 100% to 0% can damage the battery since the iPhone has a lithium-based battery. These batteries are meant to be charged early and often, so utilize short discharges and frequent charging.
  9. Turn off Location Services. Location services for some apps serve little to no purpose in most apps, such as Snapchat and Twitter. Turning off Location Services on some apps that it is not needed for can help boost battery life. (Settings > Privacy > Location Services)
  10. Turn off Bluetooth. Your phone may be able to connect to other electronic devices via bluetooth. If you have your phone connected to any of these devices and you aren’t using them at the moment, you should turn bluetooth off to boost battery. (Control Center)
  11. Always try to keep your phone at a regular temperature. Nothing damages your battery like exposing it to high temperatures. Don’t leave your phone in your car on a hot, sunny day. Furthermore, if you let your phone get very cold, it can also damage your battery. To help keep your phone at a cool, regular temperature, you can take your phone off while charging, and if you’re desperate, just put your phone in the refrigerator. I’ve had to do that a few times.
  12. Turn off “Fetch New Data”. If you have this setting on, your phone will automatically access the network to refresh the app. Apps like Mail can kill your battery if you have this on, since it will refresh automatically either every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or every hour. (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data)
  13. Put it down. Lastly, this is the number one fool-proof way to make your battery last longer. Go outside. Do your homework. Read a book. Do something that doesn’t involve sitting around and looking at your phone.

Obviously, doing these things will not double your battery life, but these simple and easy tips should help keep your phone from dying on those Friday nights.

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Flying Car

By Ryan Flexman –

From science fiction to reality, a flying car has made its first flight.

With four wheels, two seats and two wings that can fold up, a flying car called The Transition, made by Terrafugia, made it possible to go from the road, to the air in a matter of seconds.

The car made it’s first flight March 23 at the New York Auto show, flying for eight minutes straight at over 1,400 feet above the ground. For those eight minutes, the car stayed within the area it was supposed to which demonstrated the high control level of the plane.

But it’s not quite what the Jetsons had in mind.

The Transition by Terrafugia

If stuck in traffic, the driver of The Transition can’t just magically start floating into the air. In order for it to take flight, it needs a runway to start gaining speed to start into the air. The car can go up to 70 MPH on the road, and 115 MPH in the air while getting 35 miler per gallon.

The Transition may seem a bit dangerous to some people, so in case of emergency while in the air, the car comes with a full vehicle parachute.

The price for the new flying commuter car is a whopping $279,000 – not exactly within most working people’s budgets.

“I don’t think it will be a very popular product, like I can’t really think of anyone who would want to spend that much money on something like that,” said Jena Lacock, referring to the Transition.

Not everyone agree with Lacock, considering around 100 people already put down a $10,000 deposit on the car.

Terrafugias’ goal is to be fully selling this car within the next year, making it the first flying car to be sold in stores.

“It’s going to be a crazy world” said Lacock, “once the flying cars are a normal household thing, and flying is a normal thing, the skies will be an unorganized and dangerous place.”

The police officers will be in for another training sequence, so that the skies can be patrolled somewhat like it is on the ground today.

New Competitors, Licensing Issues Among Many Netflix Problems

By Joey Jackson –

Comcast announced Tuesday of a new video streaming service in the works, a service that could prove disastrous to the current leading online video streaming service, and high school student favorite, Netflix.

Although Netflix’s library will still contain much more content than the new Xfinity Streampix, the new service would be offered to all of Comcast’s current subscribers with premium channels free of charge, versus the eight dollars a month for those out there that are currently subscribed to Netflix.

Even with the drop in price, the new addition isn’t worrying Penn Manor students.

“I think I could benefit from the competition,” guessed senior Bob Warfel, a current subscriber to both Netflix and Comcast. “They will both start adding shows and movies to their library and I’ll get to watch the additions to both.”

This outlook may differ from person to person, as some students pay for their bill while others rely on their parents.

“I’m not going to pay for Netflix anymore,” said a student at Penn Manor. “It’s not worth it to pay for both since they will probably have a lot of the same things.”

Netflix logo. Image credit

This isn’t the first time Netflix subscribers have been given an incentive to drop its service. Not only did Netflix nearly double their monthly subscription price, also Starz, who provides Netflix with over 1000 shows and movies, announced that they will not renew their contract with Netflix. Their contract is set to end today.

Bad news for Netflix subscribers, as arguably the most important provider of shows and movies to Netflix’s library will have all of their content pulled by Thursday. Some of this content includes Tron: Legacy and Toy Story 3.

“It’s a bummer,” Warfel said. “A lot of my favorite stuff was from Starz. Now I’m not going to be able to watch the last season of Weeds or Party Down.”

Starz, who could have made an estimated $300 million by renewing their contract with Netflix, decided to end their agreement when they realized that subscribers to Netflix received new content to Starz for eight dollars a month instead of subscribing to Starz through a cable company for $15 a month.

“I’m going to go home and watch Starz stuff for about 13 hours,” Warfel added. “I need to finish the last 10 episodes of Weeds before they disappear.”

HBO, a premium TV station much like Starz, has also declined to partner up with Netflix.

Unfortunately for Netflix, however, their contract issues are only one of their current leading problems.

Wal-Mart, Verizon, Redbox, and Amazon have also released statements regarding a future online video streaming service for their respective companies.

So, after all of this, Netflix stock, which cost almost $300 a share in July of 2011, has dropped all the way down to around $110 a share.

Graph illustrating the sell off in Netflix Stock. Image credit

Netflix, on the other hand, is confident that the transition to a time without Starz will be smooth.

“While Starz was a huge part of viewing on Netflix several years ago because it was some of the only mainstream content Netflix offered, over the years Netflix has spent more and more licensing great TV shows from all four broadcast networks and many cable networks,” said Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Signs of both growth and decay have come forth in the past few weeks for Netflix, with much more content being added to the instant streaming in preparation for the Starz departure but also the stock has progressively dropped $17 in the past week.

“I really think Netflix will survive this,” Warfel concluded. “It’s a company that has been around for a long time and pretty much everybody that has it loves it, I can’t see it doing poorly.”

Steam Admits User Data Compromised

By Gabrielle Bauman – 

The hackers just might have gotten your information. If you use Steam, that is.

Users of the online computer gaming platform Steam may be familiar with the hacking of the site that occurred in November 2011. To purchase games on Steam, users have to enter in their billing address, credit card information, phone number, email address, and real name among other things.  A security break-in might just equal a stolen identity, and prior to now Valve — the publisher of Steam — wasn’t talking about what data was compromised.

The Steam store frequently features deals on video games and downloadable content,

Until now.

Steam is popular with Penn Manor’s gaming crowd, for its ease of use and networking possibilities. It has a chat interface for user to chat as they game, whether it be Skyrim or Team Fortress 2.

“All the time,” said a Penn Manor student about the frequency that he uses Steam.

“I love it,” said another.

According to Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve Corporation, released information listing new information that he claims has just come into being. “Recently we learned that it is probable that the intruders obtained a copy of a backup file with information about Steam transactions between 2004 and 2008,” he said in an email send to Steam users.

While he claims that the data was probably not decrypted, Newell urges caution, “As I said in November it’s a good idea to watch your credit card activity and statements,” said Newell.  “And of course keeping Steam Guard [Steam’s security system] on is a good idea as well.”

Police have apprehended 15-year-old hacker TehWongZ, who is taking credit for the hacking and claims that he obtained 32,000 Steam usernames and credit card details. Whether these claims have any substance to them has yet to be determined.

Steam is an incredibly popular tool for PC gamers.

“The data was encrypted, and they’d have to break that encryption [to get at the user data],” said a Penn Manor student.

Inside of this file were user names, email addresses, encrypted billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. Passwords were not included in the document. Newell stated that he was not aware of any compromised accounts, but users should be on high alert just in case.

“It’s a good thing I wasn’t using Steam in 2008,” said one Penn Manor junior.

Many of the large gaming companies offer extensive lists of titles in the Steam catalog. Bethesda has The Elder Scrolls series, Valve has Portal and Team Fortress 2, and Activision has Call of Duty. Because of the ease of use associated with it (no need to order online or run to the store, simply buy and download it on your computer) and that Steam offers frequent sales on popular games, it owns a large share of the videogame market.

It’s no surprise then that Steam was targeted. Anyone with access to the Steam user database would have almost all of the information they would need to steal thousands of identities.

Right now, however, its unclear whether the user data was actually obtained from the backup file as the Valve team suspects. There seems to be much that the users and Valve team don’t know — what information was stolen, who was compromised, and whether or not any data was taken at all. Even if the hacker in question hadn’t obtained any solid or workable information, he or she certainly would be able to claim bragging rights of The One Who Broke Into Steam And Defiled The Forums.

Users should be warned: watch your credit statements, because there’s a chance that your private data may not be private anymore.

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Apple Profits Boosted by iPhone Popularity – What’s up with the Stock Price?

By- Dakota Jordan

After a huge fourth quarter gain for Apple not even Siri can answer why stock prices are so low.

Apple, which has positioned itself as the biggest computer and software company in America, displayed an 118 percent jump in net income during the fourth quarter last year. That’s a total of a $13  billion increase, leading Apple to a total revenue of $46 billion for one quarter alone.

Not only are prices up but they are soaring. Monday Apple breached the $500 per share mark. Apple is now worth more than $469 billion, making it the most valuable public company in the world by a significant margin. Exxon Mobil, the second most valuable public company, which is worth approximately $400 billion after a weakening in that company’s stock price.

When the iPhone 4S was released in October, it was greeted by critics and consumers alike with very little enthusiasm as it lacked the razzle dazzle of the expected iPhone 5, but the iPhone, along with its communications assistant, Siri, had more than enough market power to carry Apple to another victory over smart phone competitors such as Google and Windows.

The phone sold over 37 million units in the third quarter, accounting for a large percentage of apples sales.

Then why are Apple stocks still below their estimated value?

“This isn’t supposed to be happening to a company of this size,” said David Rolfe, chief investment officer at Wedgewood Partners Inc., manages a $150 million fund where Apple is the largest component. “In our collective investment experience, none of us have ever seen this before.”

But investors want dividends and that’s holding Apple stocks back, Apple’s growing cash balance is having a huge overhang on the stock market, say experts, Apple is having trouble figuring out what to do with the money.

In the meantime, the iPhone’s popularity seems unstoppable.

“I love it!” said Penn Manor senior Maegan Kepperling about her new iPhone and her new best friend Siri. “It’s a huge help with everyday life.”

The other big problem is Apple is just getting too big to fast, analysts refuse to believe that a company that barely existed ten years ago is now the second most valuable company in the world. Second only to Exxon, there is just no way Apple can keep growing at a 73 percent annual rate, analysts insist.

“The mantra has been: Hey, a company this size just cannot keep growing at these unbelievable rates,” said Rolfe

But with a 118 percent rise since the holidays, even the experts might be wrong.

Do you Klout? We Do

By Taylor Goldberg –

Do you Klout?

“Cloud?” asked Penn Manor senior Jade Hess.

Not quite. It’s called Klout.

Klout is a social network that assigns people a score based on how influential they are on the social Web. Klout collects its information about people from public sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

It asks 2 questions: How many people influence you? And, how much do you influence them?

Your score on Klout ranges from 1 to 100, and is relative to other peoples’ internet influence. For example, your friends on any social website will affect your internet influence and vice-versa.

Eric Schlotzhauer's Klout score after creating a Twitter account. Photo Credit: Taylor Goldberg
Eric Schlotzhauer experiencing Klout. Photo Credit: Tim Harris.

Monday November 14, Penn Manor senior,  Eric Schlotzhauer created a Klout account.  Schlotzhauer is very consumed with Facebook. His first score was 20. The next day when Schlotzhauer checked his score, it went down by 10 points. That score remained at a 10 for the following two days.

“What does this mean?” asked Schlotzhauer. “Do I now have less power on the internet?” The answer to his question would be yes. The lower your score the less of an influence you as a single person have on the internet.

After Schlotzhauer created a Twitter account his Klout score went up tremendously. His Klout score was 42.

CNN mocks the social webiste by contradicting its purpose, “Is this number any less indicative of your actual online popularity than Klout’s scores? As far as you know, no.” On November 15, said that Klout scores could possibly be labeled as “evil.” They figure that anyone could come up with a score rating your popularity on the internet by averaging the amount of people you’re connected with on all of your social web accounts.

Welcome to Klout, PennPoints.

PennPoints Online decided to create a Klout account to experience the site. When PennPoints first started their Klout account, the score was 1, and in less than two minutes later the score raised to 10.

In order to connect with Klout you have the option to use your Twitter or Facebook account information just to create a login. That way the site is automatically connected to every linking account in your name.

Klout can connect with the following:

On the Klout homepage, it shows a large red bubble on the top let side of the screen that displays your latest Klout score. The site allows you to review your experiences on the website and invite other friends from other social wed accounts to join Klout. Klout does not allow you to post any pictures of yourself. However you are able to create, yet, another online profile that helps people to identify you.

In the middle of the screen you have an image of a graph where Klout shows you what your score analysis is. Penn Points’ score has been at steady 10, so the graph shows a strait line. You can create lists and enroll yourself under different topics to help people find you.

Bill Gates has only 76 as a Klout score, Justin Bieber has the full 100.

Cell Phone Ban a Possibility for Drivers

By Chris Fleming –

You turn your car off and check your phone, two missed calls and three missed texts.

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that drivers should not be able to access their phones while driving.

Penn Manor students feel differently.

“It’s easy and safe unless you’re dumb,” stated senior Nick Zell.

“I never text when I’m driving because it’s hard to do and I know I’m not as focused,” said senior Brian Le,” but answering a phone is different, I can drive the same with one hand and talking on the phone is just like talking to some one else in the car so I don’t really see the big deal.”

“I rarely use my phone when I drive because I drive stick, my one hand that I could be using to talk on the phone is already busy so I don’t use my phone much when I drive anyway,” said senior Alex Sorce.

“I use my phone only at stop lights to text because I don’t feel safe doing it while I drive,” said senior Skyler Major,”but I do talk on the phone when I drive.”

“I don’t text while I drive but I will answer the phone if someone calls,” said Ryland Overly.

Image courtesy of

Many states already have bans on hand-held phone use when driving and have been compared to nearby states without that law. The results have shown that there is no change to the accident rate, according to the Insurance Institute.

Deborah Hersman, chairwomen of the National Transportation Safety Boards, was concerned with the new phone technology allowing people to access their email, watch movies and play games on their phone.

“Every year, new devices are being released,” Herman said,” People are tempted to update their Facebook page, they are tempted to tweet, as if sitting at a desk. But they are driving a car.”

She acknowledges that it’s going to be hard to try and change how people drive by simply telling them to put their phone away for, in most cases, short distant drives which severely increase their unawareness while behind the wheel.

“We’re not here to win a popularity contest. We’re here to do the right thing. This is a difficult recommendation, but it’s the right recommendation and it’s time,” she said.

People know that using their phone while they drive is dangerous, but they seem so addicted to update a social network or extremely tempted to see what their friend said back to a text.

Texting while they drive. Image courtesy of

If people know it’s dangerous to distract them self on purpose, then why do they do it without thinking twice about it?

“I don’t know why I do, when I drive and notice I have a message, it’s just instinct to check my phone without checking my surroundings,” said Bobby Warfel.

“It can really distract me sometimes if I’m waiting for a certain text or something,” said Ashley Richards.

Joe Simitian, State Senator of California, succeeded in getting a law passed in 2006 that bans drivers from talking on a hand held phone, said the board’s recommendation is “a wake up call about the dangers of distracted driving.”

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, nine states currently have the ban of hand held phones when driving and 35 states ban texting when driving.

If the ban becomes true for all states, that could affect car manufacturers in the way they set up newer cars to have Bluetooth already installed. Bluetooth lets the driver answer their phone while driving by the press of a button, sometimes the button is on the steering wheel, making the driver still able to talk and drive and hoping that it doesn’t take away from their awareness of the road.

The ban is also receiving some attention world wide.

Ban Ki-moon, secretary general on the United Nations suggested to end multitasking behind the wheel. 30 countries have a few limitations when the drive and Germany and Portugal have complete bans when they are driving.

Bella Dinh-Zarr, road safety director of international road safety with the FIA Foundation said,”More and more countries are going to be looking at it.”

Kindle Fire Flops

By Jacob Harvey-

With its’ November 16 release, the Kindle Fire was expected to be a serious competitor to Apples tablet.

Instead, Kindle Fire consumers are boxing up and shipping their devices back to Amazon.

Some of the most frequently brought up issues are that there is no external volume control. You have to manage your volume from the devices touch screen. The on and off switch is easily hit which can turn the device on in a bag and run the battery dry. Another problem is the seven inch screen the pages that load on it need to be scaled differently and that makes them load slower. In addition, full web-pages are hardly compatible with the device and take an eternity to load.

According to the New York Times, all the bad reviews on Amazon were confirmed by Jakob Nielson, a usability expert, who said, “It offered a disappointingly poor experience. For users whose fingers are not as slender as toothpicks.” He also gave a warning to possible consumers saying that the screen could be particularly frustrating to manipulate.

The Kindle Fire has been out for less than a month and people like Andrew Rassweiler, a senior director at Teardown services, are saying that the new Kindle is a useless device unless you plan on loading it with lots and lots of books.

image courtesy of

But the Kindle Fire is trying to do much more than simply be an e-book reader, a feature that some consumers are saying it does worse than the original, according to an article by The New York Times.

However, with all these negative reviews and comments about the Kindle Fire, Amazon refuses to chalk it up as a failed product. They are releasing an update that should fix some of the bugs user’s were complaining about in their reviews.

Amazon still has high hopes of dominating the market with their Kindle Fire, but it doesn’t need an update to fix a lot of the issues. Many of the complaints from consumers is about a lack of external features or just under-rated technology running the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has tried to better their market and sales by allowing their product to be sold in stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart. The issue they seem to be having with the store sales is that Amazon is losing about 20 dollars on every Kindle Fire sold in stores.

image courtesy of

Amazon though doesn’t mind the loss. They may lose 20 dollars on every purchase of their product but once the device is powered up and in the consumers hand Amazon really starts making their money. The only problem with that money making process is the Kindle Fire reaches the consumers hands , then gets sent back to Amazon for being a buggy B-rated product when compared to Apple’s iPad2.

The one area where Amazon did right by their customers is the price. Instead of shelling out 500 bucks for a fresh new iPad they spend 200 dollars for a tablet that might get fixed.

Essentially if what all the experts like Nielsen and Rassweiler are saying is true, consumers would be better off buying a device that has been proven reliable and dependable like the iPad, or just stick with the original Kindle. The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s first try at a tablet and should be noted as such but just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean that it is worth the 200 you would be spending for it.

The Kindle Fire is an overpriced Kindle that is a down grade from the original Kindle device that is worse at showing e-books than its predecessor. If in the market for a new tablet consumers would be better off if they either went with an Apple device or just wait and hope that Amazons next shot at the tablet will be an upgrade from their current failure.

Brains Change After Violent Video Games

By Chris Fleming –

Playing violent video games might be fun, but a new study indicates it may not be harmless fun, after all.

For years now plenty of different researchers have been trying to analyze the affect of violent video games versus the brain. Finally, the researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis discovered signs through magnetic resonance imaging that the brain is affected, according to a published report in USAToday.

Some gamers who go to Penn Manor have seen similar results.

“Once I start playing a game I can notice that I get angry faster,” said Alex Sorce, senior at Penn Manor,” but I leave my anger at my Xbox once I turn it off.”

According to the study done in Chicago, researches took 22 healthy men ages 18-29 and split them up into groups of 11. One group was assigned to play a violent first person shooter game for 10 hours a day for one week and then not play at all the next week, while the other group was told not to play video games at all for both weeks.

After the first week every one got an MRI brain scan and were told to do specific tasks to see what changes took place. After the first week the group playing video games had less activation in the left inferior frontal lobe while doing emotional tasks and lower activation in the anterior cingulate cortex during counting tests compared to their results previous to video game playing and to the other group which did not play video games at all.

After the second week’s MRI scan took place, the group playing video games results were disturbing.

“The activation returned toward baseline but did not completely normalize. We don’t know how long the effect lasts for those who play longer,” said study co-author Dr. Vincent Mathews.

A well known violent video game, image coutesy of

Yang Wang, a professor in radiology and imaging and lead author of the research done at Indiana University School of Medicine said, “These findings indicate that violent video game play has long-term effect on brain functioning.

“The part of the brain that the group that played video games changed in ” is involved in inhibition and emotional modulation,” said Mathews, “(Other researchers) have shown an increase in aggression after playing violent video games. We suspect our findings may be a physiological explanation for this.”

The Center for Successful Parenting supported this research, they argue that there should be less video games and other certain media that young children have access to that they don’t necessarily need , according to the USAToday story.

Mathews suggests to gamers that they should “be aware that playing violent video games has an effect on the way the brain functions and consider this when you choose how to spend your leisure time.”

According to a few students at Penn Manor, these results don’t match up to how they feel.

“Well of course I get angry sometimes when I play a certain violent video game like if I lose or something, but I doubt that it really affects the rest of my day, or life, according to the long term effects you said it gives us gamers,” said Bob Warfel.

“I’ve been playing street fighter for a long time, I haven’t noticed any changes yet. I do get mad sometimes but it’s over dumb stuff so I feel like it doesn’t really effect me at all because it’s just a game,” said Brian Le.

Many recommended a new study be done again but on a larger scale than just two weeks and with a larger group or people.