Students love their old cars

By Grant Houck

Senior Mike Eshleman is very attached to his car. (Photo by Grant Houck)
Senior Mike Eshleman is very attached to his 1999 Saturn SL2. (Photo by Grant Houck)

The paint is chipped and faded. The interior upholstery is stained and discolored. The engine groans to life when the car is started and whines loudly every time the driver nudges the accelerator.

“But that’s why I love it,” explains Mike Eshleman, senior at Penn Manor who holds a special place in his heart for his car, a 1999 Saturn SL2.

Eshleman’s fondness for his car is not uncommon among students at Penn Manor High School. Just ask around; you might be surprised to find that the majority of young drivers are sentimental about their vehicles.

Some students have even nicknamed their cars.

“I named my car the “Silver Bullet” because of its silver exterior and sleek design,” said Matt Gue, senior driver and owner of a 2004 Ford Focus, ”I think it gives my car a little more personality.”

Other drivers appreciate their vehicles for what they offer under the hood. Senior Bobby Goss owns a 2008 Ford Mustang, a popular muscle car and longtime icon for the american auto industry. Mustangs are known for their speed and style and boast impressive mechanical design, albeit with a hefty price tag.

I consider myself a car enthusiast. I couldn’t call myself that if I didn’t at least own nice car,” says Goss, “Over the years I have grown attached to my car and I kind of consider it a part of me.”