Itchy face, stuffy nose, watery eyes: nice weather but can’t enjoy it?

By Cici Padua

Spring is here and even though it brings nice weather, some people dread the fact that trees and shrubs are blooming because all they’re doing is causing irritation to people’s daily activities, especially outdoor activities.

According to Mrs. Anne Butterfield, school nurse, allergy symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, or not being able to see because of constant rubbing are common. That all can go away as long as you take an antihistamine. An antihistamine is a drug used to counteract with histamine in allergies.

Sarah Giuffrida, a senior at Penn Manor says she has allergies, and most of the time she can’t see well. She said her face can sometime get itchy and nose stuffs up. To help with her allergies she takes Claritin D. Even though allergies may come and go, it doesn’t affect her daily activities.

Trenta Blount 22, a Lancaster resident, says he has allergies, but its not as severe. Even though he does have them he doesn’t take anything for it.

“It just comes and goes,” said Blount.

People who have severe allergies can check the Local & National Allergy Forecast to see when and where pollen is at its worst in certain cities and when its city is at its best.  It can help people who like to travel and can be well prepared.