Hambright Elementary students find “The Leader in Me”

By Jordan Machado

Students at Hambright Elementary school are participating in a new program to find "The Leader in Me."
Students at Hambright Elementary school are participating in a new program to find “The Leader in Me.”


Inspired by a book a teachers at Hambright Elementary read called “The Leader in Me” by Stephen R. Covey, the the teachers and students of the school have implemented a program to teach students some of the important points in the book. This program began in September 2012.

There are seven habits in the book that have been incorporated into the school’s culture. The entire school has learned and uses them in their everyday lives.

Hambright Principal Dr. Jerry Egan is proud everyone took part in this school-wide effort.

“The habits made a significant change in the culture of students and discipline has dropped by at least half,” said Dr. Egan. “Hambright has gone through many changes and this by far, is one of the best.”

These habits consist of the following:

1. Be proactive – you’re in charge
2. Begin with the end in mind – have a plan
3. Put first things first – work first then play
4. Think win-win – everyone can win
5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood – listen before you talk
6. Synergize – together is better
7. Sharpen the saw – balance feels best

This program is the product of three years’ work. Beginning in summer 2010, the teachers read the book to familiarize themselves with it. Later, the teachers raised $10,000 by holding a chicken barbecue, cookie sales and dress-down days to hold a two-day training to learn everything they wanted to pass on to the students.

The 2012-2013 school year was the beginning of the actual “Leader in Me” program. The students have picked up these habits very quickly and use them as much as possible.

“All the students show and prove they like to use these skills all the time, many have told me they use them at home and even pass it onto their siblings to learn. This program is heading in the right direction.”