iYearbook, One to Remember

By Jay Jackson –

It is that time of year again. The school year coming to a close, warm weather, and the review of memories over the long school year. The yearbooks are back with a new look and ready for redemption.

The 2011-12 yearbook went on sale Friday with eager anticipation by most students.

“The theme this year is that is looks like an IPad or an IPhone,” explained Julie Andrusisin one of the two editors for the year book this year.

The two editors of the yearbook this year were Julie Andrusisin and Lindamarie Olson.

Yearbook editors Lindamarie Olson and Julie Andrusisin. Photo by Doug Anderson.

“Last year was a beautifully designed book but there was a huge number of errors because designs kept being changed too late in the game,” explained Doug Anderson, teacher and yearbook club adviser.  “Julie and Linda Marie were the editors this year and I think they had the design set which allowed us to spend more time editing and correcting the mistakes and looking for mistakes. There is bound to be mistakes.”

“The cover was pretty cool compared to other years,” said this years prom king, Matt Kersic.

The editors this year looked to redeem the reputation of last year’s yearbook and answer some concerns and questions the students had with photos and layout. This year there is no questions.

“The reputation that last year’s book got was there was a small group of people who were repeated many times and that never should have happened. We do have a little control measure for that but it wasn’t being followed and this year it is not the case,” said Anderson.

“It was definitly better then last year,” said Forrest Paes a senior at Penn Manor.

Perhaps it was the criticism of last year’s edition that took a chunk out of this year’s pre-sales.

“Last year and the year before there was always over a 1,000  that were ordered already. This year there was a little over 800,” explained Anderson.

The book this year has an extra twist. Not only are the senior pictures in color but also all of the underclassmens’ pictures are as well. The yearbook didn’t go completely color but it is more colorful than any in recent memory.

“The baby ads are still in black and white,” Anderson said. “The commercial ads are black and white and the underclassmens are in color. We were paying for color the past several years and we thought it didn’t make sense to pay for it and not use it.”

Even with the additional color photos, the price for the yearbook is staying relatively stable.

” The original price was $61, then it went up to $75 and distribution day it is $85. It is actually cost $75 to make. We loss money on the initial price. This is the second year or possibly third year with the same prices.

The verdict on the yearbook so far is that the yearbook was a success perhaps removing the bad taste that was left in the mouth of the high school by last years yearbook.

“I thought it had a nice design with the IPad and all, I like that most of it is in color this year,” explained Drew Purzycki.