With Age Comes Great Responsibility

By Aaron Brown –

Being the oldest of four children has its rewards and penalties.

Your name is the first one out of your dad’s mouth, when the trash needs to be taken out.

Your first job is a chauffeur, driving your brothers and sister to and from practice, and driving to get groceries.

When your younger brother is born, you are the first one to ask, “Mommy, Where do babies come from?” And you get the answer of “Wait until you are older.”

You are the first one to drop your brother. (This did not actually happen.)

My siblings enjoying a fun game of mini golf at the beach. Photo thanks to Aaron Brown.

You are the first one to run to the toilet and say, “Daddy, I didn’t make it.”

As the middle child, you know what to expect on the first day of school. As the oldest, you go to school on the first day not knowing what to expect.

Being the oldest does have its benefits.

Your younger brother gets yelled at for getting bad grades in classes that you got an ‘A’ in last year.

Your parents sometimes show favoritism towards you because you are the oldest, just ask my brothers.

Also, you are the one that gets to teach your brothers and sisters how to ride a bike. “Sit down on the seat, use one foot to push off the ground, and…” CRASH. Then your parents come out and scream at you and put the training wheels on.

You are the one that can go over to your friend’s house every weekend because you have your LICENSE.

You are the one that your siblings look up to, until they are taller than you.

But, the best thing about being the oldest is no matter if your brother is taller than you, you call still beat him at everything. He might think differently, but he is wrong.

Being the oldest of four does have its rewards and penalties, but I am glad I am the oldest because I like the responsibility and maturity that comes with being the oldest. I would not like being the middle or youngest child in a family because then I would not have all these benefits and penalties.