Someone to “Krow” About

By Jake Shiner and Alex Cummins –

Krow. It’s not a typo. It’s the last name of Penn Manor’s most celebrated substitute teacher, Mr. Don Krow.

The district’s renowned teacher of almost any subject imaginable has been subbing here since the spring of 1994 and he continues to stimulate minds and remain a “favorite” of many students.  However, most don’t know his personal story.

“I graduated in December of ’93 and just never got a full-time job,” says Krow.

He’s referring to the fact that for as long as he has been an educator, he’s been non-permanent, and has just decided to stick with subbing.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to teach fulltime.

“One part of me feels really disappointed that I didn’t get a full time job, but I almost hesitate saying that because I just love subbing so much,” said Krow.

Krow isn’t the happiest about his circumstance in obtaining a full time teaching job. In fact, Krow even regrets it, calling it his “biggest disappointment in life.” The biggest problem is “The money isn’t steady enough”.

The fact that Krow hasn’t had a full time job doesn’t make sense when you consider his educational career.

After high school Krow attended classes at the prestigious Franklin and Marshall college. He then stopped going to school at  F&M and obtained a job working with ICS (International Signal Control), but the place turned out to be “crooked” and was closed down, according to Krow.

Krow then went to Millersville University where he graduated at the age of 42.

“I graduated with high honors and a double major,” said Krow, who is certified in social studies.

From there Krow went on to subbing.

“I love Mr.Krow, he’s involved in the community and he’s really outgoing and super funny,” stated senior Penn Manor student Emily Eddowes.

“He is probably one of the wisest people I know,” said Dylan Weber. “He is my favorite substitute and probably the most experienced.”

“He’s an awesome substitute and he’s very personal and tells a lot of good stories,”stated junior, Brandon Stone. “He’s not like other boring subs, he makes sure the work for the day gets done but everyone still has fun throughout the duration of class.”

Although Krow has never realized his goal of becoming a full time teacher, he still enjoys his job very much and is appreciated by students.

“I like working with kids,” said Krow. ” (And by subbing) I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know everybody.”

He also says there is a positive to being a substitute.

“The good thing about being a sub is if I have some bad classes I only have to be with them for one day,” Krow joked.

Krow teaches solely for Penn Manor nowadays and primarily works in the high school and sometimes middle school.

He only subs for Penn Manor because he’s, “used to it.

“I know the routines, I know the kids, it makes it easier,” he said.

“Sometimes I like the energy of middle school and sometimes I like the maturity of high school,” said Krow.

“(Middle school students) They say some funny things to you,” said Krow. One kid was “trying to be nice” and said that if Mr. Krow died everyone would be at his funeral.”

All humor aside he says his favorite subject is U.S. history but, “I can’t think of anything I haven’t subbed for,” said Krow.

When he isn’t teaching, Krow performs other jobs.

Krow said, “I paint at HACC part time during the school year and full time over the summer. I see a lot of Penn Manor graduates there.”

Krow doesn’t just work though. He also maintains several hobbies.

“I like to read, love U.S. history. See minor league baseball games in the summer. A lot of kids here see me at F&M basketball games; every home game.”