Penn Manor’s Hidden Talents on Stage at ETPM

By: Brianna Kelly

The time has come again – The ETPM Talent Show has come back to Penn Manor and, as usual, talent is a good description of the event.

Out of the 42 students who signed up, Billie Jo Atkins and the judges had a choice to make – who stayed and who had to go. They ended up picking 22 different acts – from bands, dance numbers, singing, to instrumental.  They will perform at the show held  April 28 at 7:00 p.m.

In the way of students with talent at the school – the list is endless within the walls of Penn Manor.

Sterling Hershey and Preston Ulrich are really excited for the show.  Their band, Definealive, has been performing since late October, however, this will be their first time performing in front of a crowd as a band. The band tends to stay towards mainstream  rock with songs they write themselves and a few cover songs – they’re hoping to use their music to win over Penn Manor’s heart. They were excited to say that after the auditions they had a few others ranting about how good they were and saying they wanted to be the band’s groupies.

Even the freshmen are getting into it. Jesse Landis is bringing Johnny Cash to the show. Landis has been playing guitar for two years, singing since he was eight-years-old and is excited to show Penn Manor what he’s got. He’s been really into performing and likes doing cover songs just for fun although he writes a lot of original music. With a studio at home to record in, it’s only natural that he records CDs.

“We’re ready to go out with a bang this year,” said Sid Kreitzer, a Penn Manor senior and a singer/guitarist from the band Cragsmen.

For Kreitzer, himself and his band have been performing at ETPM since freshman year and they’re excited about it being the last year. They enjoy playing live and have been playing at Spring Fling for the last five years, rain or shine. Cragsmen plays a lot of classic rock and write a lot of their own music but they switch it up every once in a while to cover another song.

After playing guitar for nine years, Angel Torres is ready to show Penn Manor his skill. Torres is comfortable in front of a crowd with his Latin hip hop music but he’s thrilled to show Penn Manor his flamenco hip hop for the show. For the audition, Torres improvised the whole way and didn’t go into the room with a set idea on what to play. Torres likes to improvise his music based off of his audience so one never knows what to expect with his music.

“I don’t watch my guitar – I like to watch the audience to enjoy their expression,” Torres claimed with a smile on his face.


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