Racism Not Yet Vanished

By Dayonte Dixon –

So much time after the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. it is shocking for some to see so much disagreement on one issue along racial lines, such as the Trayvon Martin case.

Florida resident and neighborhood watch official, George Zimmerman admitted he shot and killed a 17-year-old, unarmed kid just weeks ago in Florida.

He was never charged in the incident, claiming he was protected by the state’s controversial “stand your ground” law.

Trayvon Martin, the victim of the shooting, was walking with his hood up to his father’s fiance’s house coming from a convenience store with nothing more than an iced tea and pack of skittles in his possession.

According to published reports, Zimmerman began following Martin via his vehicle while he was on the phone with a 911 operator.  During that recorded call Zimmerman referred to Martin as a “suspicious black person.”

By Zimmerman’s own account, he began pursuing the “suspect” on foot. When Martin vanished around a corner Zimmerman followed even after police dispatchers told him to stop following Martin.

It’s at this point that many do not understand or agree with Zimmerman’s actions.

“He should have stopped following him when the policeman told him to,” said Penn Manor senior Tyler Smith referring to Zimmerman. “That makes it seems like he was looking for trouble.”

On the way back to his car, Zimmerman said he was approached from behind by Martin.

According to unidentified witnesses, Zimmerman and Martin only exchanged a few words before the conversation transformed into a violent altercation.

Witnesses say that Zimmerman reached for something, which later Zimmerman claimed to be his cellphone, but what some say may have looked like a weapon to Trayvon.

Published reports say Zimmerman stated that Martin struck him in the face. He claimed that he suffered a broken nose from the blow, which was the reason that he pulled his weapon, although surveillance cameras show Zimmerman later that evening with no noticeable marks or bruises on his face.

Zimmerman is described as a middle-aged, nearly 200-pound man. He is claiming self-defense against a 17-year-old, 140-pound kid.

“He was only 140 pounds?” said senior David Burch. “I feel bad for him. He was just a kid.”

Trayvon Martin wears the Hoodie in this profile picture. Photo courtesy of sunsara.blogspot

Members of some black communities are outraged by the shooting and the fact that Zimmerman was never arrested.

Since this incident, there has been a movement in the name of Trayvon.  Many people are protesting by wearing hoodies and purchasing and flaunting skittles both of which have become the symbol for the Trayvon movement.

The audio from the 911 call can be heard on Youtube.

The Martin family has requested that the case be investigated outside of Florida Police jurisdiction. The family believes that the Florida Police Department are not trying their hardest to solve this case simply for the fact that the first policeman on the scene failed to follow protocol.

Reports revealed that the first police officers on the scene neglected to perform a sobriety test on Zimmerman. They also did not take Zimmerman into custody until later that evening.

The Martin family, and many others believe that the Florida Police Department are not trying to solve the case in an attempt of covering for the mistakes made by their police officers.

This case has ignited a flame in the hearts of many Americans. Many say this is a clear case of racial profiling and discrimination. Others believe the case has nothing to do with race.

“Honestly, people don’t even know all the facts,” said senior Ian Toomey, “Until we get all the facts, people shouldn’t jump to conclusions.”