Help Yourself in the Next Interview

By Richard Schulz –

With summer on it’s way, students are looking for that special kind of money-maker, that pay-for-gas, movies, dates and pizza that is supposed to last all year  A summer job.

Finding a job isn’t the only hard part in getting the job it’s the interview that can actually determine if you’re hired or not. Teens may be aware of the simple tips while be interviewed but that doesn’t mean they’re prepared.

“I’ve never researched the place I was going to work at,” admitted Anthony Polaski, a student from Penn Manor High School.

Polaski says during his interview for his current job at Woodcrest, the Mennonite retirement community, he dressed appropriate, turned off his phone and showed up ten minutes early.

“If you go in ignorant, it’ll reflect,” said James Yearsley, a Penn Manor school counselor.

Yearsley agrees to be early to an interview and most importantly, speak correctly and politely. Another important thing to remember is to sanitize any social networks students may have.

Not only can school officers look into Facebook accounts but the interviewer can too. The interviewer can also ask for the email and password of the students social network and if the information’s, the door will be shown.

“My interview was really easy actually,” said Juan Cubano, a junior from Penn Manor. “They didn’t ask much and it was over in about ten minutes.”

Apparently the grammar of the interviewee is being closely examined by the interviewer as they speak. The simple use of pronouns can affect the chances of being hired. The difference between the pronouns of “my friend and I” vs. “me and my friend” can also mean hired, or given the boot.

Top 5 tips in an interview

  • Arrive early
  • Use proper grammar
  • Dress the part (ex. cover tattoos, formal, etc.)
  • Research the job to ask the interviewer questions
  • Make frequent eye contact