Penn Manor Ice Hockey Team Lacks Players

By Jena Lacock –

Hard work and good technique make any team successful.

The Penn Manor ice hockey team has those qualities, but this year it’s lacking players.

Only having nine guys will be a challenge because there must be a goalie and five players on the ice at all times, leaving the Comets with only three subs.

“If we had more players, we would be a better team,” said junior Nick Young.

Photographed by Jason Green

Other teams could have an advantage due to a larger team. Each player will need to stay in the game longer, increasing physical and mental tiredness.

Practice started in September and the first game will be held on November 14 at 8:45 pm against Palmyra at Kick Lewis arena.

“We are going to do well,” said junior Kevin Reinhart.

This year marks Reinhart’s eleventh year of playing. His experience in the game led him to predict that the teams to beat are Hempfield, Warwick and L-S.

“I think if we practice hard we will have a good chance of winning,” said Young.

Some team members had differing opinions.

“We are not going to do very good because other teams have twenty players,” said senior Jamie Frese.

Out of the nine players one is a girl, senior Jesse Capanelli.

“I think we will be competitive this season,” said Capanelli. “We have a lot of people that didn’t play last year like Jamie Freese and a couple juniors who are going to this year so that should be a big help.”

Capanelli doesn’t mind being the only girl on the team because she played with the guys since middle school.

“She is one of the best players,” noted Frese.

Another issue with the ice hockey team is a lack of fan and financial support. Hockey is not played at the school, causing a lack in community awareness. The team also is not sponsored by the school, making the cost to play higher than that of a typical high school sport.

The team hopes for success, more players and more fans this season.