Attack of the Nerds!

By Alex Kirk and Kyle Musser (photos by Kirk, Musser, Brandon Schuman, David Mohimani and Miranda Lee)

Penn Manor was taken over Wednesday by a nasal-congested, vision-impaired, pencil-pushing cult….the nerds.

Students at Penn Manor taped up their glasses, strapped on suspenders, rolled up their pants, and dusted off their pocket protectors to show their school spirit for Homecoming Spirit Week.

Nerd Day had the most kids participating of any spirit day known to Penn Manor.  The halls were full of high waders and slide rules, greased back hair and calculators on display.

“it was great because it was the best turnout,” said math teacher Mike Fowler. “Eighties day did not have a good turnout.”

Fowler had no comment about why he chose not to participate.


To see the range of nerd outfits, click on any photo to see the slide show below:

To see the lunch ladies in full nerd dress, click on “home” for the feature photo.