Cyberbullying still a problem for Teens

By Alex Sanchez-Cruz-

Internet communication is more prevalent than ever, as is cyberbullying.

Teens see gossip on the internet. Picture from

Cyberbullying is when anyone is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or verbally attacked by a peer via internet or mobile technologies.

Almost every teen has read an offensive slur on the internet that was intended to offend someone.  Some may skim over it or even even chuckle.  But this is no joking matter. These words are very powerful and have caused many issues for teens and children.

Cyberbullying has become a prominent issue among teens and is a major cause of teen suicide.  According to an Associated Press-MTV poll, people say more hurtful words in a text or on a social website then in a face to face conversion.

More people attempt use this type of language as a joke then to hurt someone.

“I don’t care if my friends say it, just as long as they don’t say it to me,” Said Eric Shetrompf, sophomore at Penn Manor. “I see it all the time on the internet mostly two girls fighting over something,”

However a poll by Knowledge Networks shows that 54 percent of teens think it’s acceptable to use slurs and derogatory terms to their friends because they don’t mean it.

This doesn’t excuse them for using offensive language, even with teens their age.  Another poll from Knowledge Networks, taken by 14 to 24 year old students, shows that there is a minority that are against using slurs especially when they target a certain group.

“It’s so derogatory to women and demeaning. It just makes you feel gross,” said Lori Pletka, 22, a senior at Missouri State Unversity, referring to the word “sl*t” and other words that are degrading to women.

Some people pretend like cyberbullying isn’t a problem, but it is.  If you witness cyberbullying report it to a school counsler.  No child deserves to be harassed, in any form.