Teens will go to any Length to Smell Good

By Dayonte Dixon –

Manor Township police are asking the public for help to catch to retail thieves that are suspected of stealing two large boxes of Axe Deodorant.

Each pack is only worth five dollars yet these teens were still willing to break the law to steal multiple packs of these deodorants.

One box of deodorant can cost up to five dollars.

“It’s understandable if it’s somebody who is less fortunate and doesn’t have enough money to provide basic needs like deodorant,” said senior at Penn Manor High School Ryan Mays.

These suspects were seen shoving two large boxes of deodorant into a white trash bag and leaving the store within one minute. They then left and began walking down the block.

They walked east on Ursinus Avenue for about two blocks before a witness lost sight of them, police said.

A possible reason for this action is because teens today are more desperate to fit in and will be willing to go to further lengths to do so.

“If I’m already less fortunate I would steal it (deodorant) because why should I have to put up with the teasing of others about how I stink?” Mays said.