Streaks and Knights Repay Visit To Comet Field

By Matt Ulmer –

Oh no, they’re back.

Penn Manor can’t seem to get rid of their arch rivals who had their number all year. Main reason being the popularity of the field they play on.

The District III boys lacrosse championship kicked off in Hershey, Pa. last night featuring the Manheim Township Blue Streaks and the Hempfield Black Knights. Thunderstorms and a tornado watch prevented this game from actually happening. The championship was rescheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. on Comet Field.

Township All American Quint Miller winding up for a shot. Photo Cred - Heisey Lancaster Online

Comet Field held the league playoffs, and now is holding the District Championship after hosting the semi’s on Tuesday.

Fans and players voice appreciation for the seating space, concession stands, and its exquisite turf.

“We got a great facility that’s one of the best in the league,” said trainer Steve Kramer about why Comet Field was chose for the battle.

“There are enough seats for everyone,” he added.

This game has the hype to be one of the best lacrosse games all year in Pennsylvania. Township is known for their offense and if they weren’t the favorite already, they are now, seeing as Hempfield’s number one defender Josh Beals is suspended for misconduct in the semi-finals.

The Blue Streaks offense is headlined by dual All-Americans Quint Miller and Mark Stratton. Rob Wertz is also known to drop a few goals each game.

As for the Black Knights, their offense is run by All-American Michael Ondrusek and his cherished sophomore duo of Nick Valentino and Matt Senft.

PM lax player David Mohimani admits Township’s dominance is based off their 19-3 loss last Saturday.

“Townships transition game is too dominant,” explained Mohimani.

He also predicted an outcome of…Township: 18 Hempfield: 11

Simon Zimmerman, a junior at Penn Manor and loyal fan, said the game would be Township: 12 Hempfield: 6

Athletic Director Jeff Roth went the same route choosing a Township: 14 Hempfield: 7

Well the picks obviously lean towards one side, but who knows what will happen, Comet Field has had a few big upsets before.


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