How will Newt Change the GOP – and who is he anyway?

By Vaughn Stetler and Ryan Krause –

Newt Gingrich, former leader of the House Representatives, announced Monday he is running for president. He announced it on Twitter and the reason he may have done it this way was to connect to a younger generation.

Many students at Penn Manor, even the politically astute, don’t even know who Newt Gingerich is.

According to MSNBC, In 1994 Gingrich led Republicans to their first majority in the House in four decades and then served four years as House speaker.

In an interview with Fox news on Wednesday Gingrich said, “This is not about one person in the Oval Office. This is about millions of Americans deciding that together we can win the future with the right policies leading to the right outcomes. And then we have to … win the argument that President Obama has the wrong policies, and they lead to the wrong outcomes.”

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In the interview, he went on to say that Republicans need to aim even higher and try to add 12 seats in the Senate and about 40 in the House.

Gingrich also said that his first executive order would be to eliminate Obama’s so-called policy “czars,” but his greater goal would be to balance the budget over several years by growing the economy.  He did not explain how he planned on making the economy grow.

Fox News said, “Gingrich brings considerable name recognition to the Republican field, a quality candidates, like former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, have been working furiously to attain.”

However many students and local community members were at a loss at the mention of his name.

Trevor Troup, a senior at Penn Manor,  who said he was a Republican, noted, “I have never heard of him.” He was referring to Newt Gingrich.

Tyler Beckley a Penn Manor senior who didn’t affiliate himself with a particular political party said, said, “I have heard of the name but did not know that he was running for president.”

Cody Welch, a senior at Penn Manor, said that he was a Democrat and that he didn’t know Newt Gingrich was running for President.

Nicholas Crowther, a tech teacher at Penn Manor said, “Social media is not really good for a teacher to use.” He noted that Gingerich’s use of Twitter wouldn’t reach older audiences.

Crowther went on to say, “Newer tools will help a younger generation to recognize Newt better.”

Scott Hertzog who is an English teacher at Penn Manor said, “Twitter is good to use for a presidential candidate because you get information out faster than if you were to use television or a newspaper.”

“Obama used social media as well,” Hertzog recalled.

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3 thoughts on “How will Newt Change the GOP – and who is he anyway?”

  1. Great. Some clown announces that he’s running for presidency. He used Twitter. Awesome.

  2. His voters are very independent and they’re going to go where they believe that America needs to go both on conservative and spiritual values.

  3. He will try to get independent voters yes. But he has to win the primary to even get a chance in the general election. Without acting completely insane like Bachman and Pailn he will have no chance at getting the extremely far right. Especially after the debacle of the Paul Ryan statements.

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