Robbed, Bomb Threat.. and now a Fire?

By Sarah Garner –

Imagine going to work at a place that was had been robbed at gun point, had multiple bomb threats and just experienced a fire.

An electrical fire broke out Thursday evening around 4:30, Friendly’s on Columbia Avenue had an electrical fire which lost  customers and caused them to close down for the night.

I pulled up to work early expecting to sit in my car and listen to music for a few minutes, like I normally do.

A co-worker of mine came down to my car to tell me that I’m probably not going to be working tonight, which would be the third night in a row because I’ve been sick.

She explained to me that there was an electrical fire and the first responders were on their way.

Shortly after I heard the news, two fire trucks came blazing into the parking lot followed by police officers.

I didn’t see smoke or flames so I was wondering what was such a big deal.

The firemen ran into the building with flashlights and giant fans while the police officer talked to our manager.

I didn’t really see the need for someone to be directing traffic, but there was. I then noticed that vehicles coming up and down Columbia Avenue decreased their speed and the traffic director was just keeping them moving. We didn’t need an accident and more responders on the scene. There was already too much going on.

They weren’t there too long before people were coming out saying everything should be fine. We just couldn’t go in or reopen until the electrical people came to inspect it.

My manager came to the understanding that we were probably not going to be able to open again that night, so she sent most of us home.

I don’t get why everything happens to this Friendly’s.

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  1. Hmm, this honestly seems like more of a blog entry than a journalistic news story.

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