The Dreaded Winter Fun Day

By Laura Revelt

As the Christmas season approaches students start to think about the presents they will get and give, come up their vacation plans and grow excited for a break from school. But as the first day of vacation nears, there is an event to dread: Winter Fun Day. Winter Fun Day is a school day set for an early dismissal schedule in which the blocks are shortened, but to the students’ dismay the day is not over after fourth block. It is suppose to be a way for the school to give students the opportunity to celebrate before the break, but in reality it is a boring, grueling couple of hours before we are released.

Of course there are a variety of options to choose from for the activities you wish to participate in for the time designated. Some of the choices include movies, a café with music entertainment, and the student- faculty basketball game including a dodge ball game or other activities at half time. I regrettably attended the basketball game all four years of my high school experience. You would think I would know better after giving it a chance my freshman and sophomore year, and sign up for a different option instead, but the majority of the school including my friends attend the game and this year, as seniors, some played in it. I also don’t find the idea of sitting in a dark room, watching a movie that I most likely have seen before, appealing.

The pros of the basketball game are having the freedom to talk, secretly texting and some, if they have the option of a car, attempt to ditch the game completely. The cons are that sitting on the bleachers for an extended period of time causes back and butt pain,  it’s extremely boring, the anxiousness eats at you, and no one wants to watch their teacher jump around in athletic clothes, unless you find them attractive. During the games I found myself staring at the minute hand slowly move around the clock more than I actually watched the game. And surprise! You find out from an administrator the old clock is twenty minutes fast. Groan.

Laura Revelt

So why I ask did we continue to have this so-called “fun” day? It doesn’t help boost our excitement for the break. Frankly, I think it angers most of the students and even teachers. I was pleased to learn that the school is finally doing away with Winter Fun Day. Instead the last day before winter break will be an early dismissal day. A decent amount of teachers have small celebrations in their classes with movies, candy, or an interactive activity that ties in the season and the class material. We do not need further festivities in school that are more painful than enjoyable. I feel the most sympathetic to the students who, because of poor behavior, sit in a detention while the rest of the school participates. Sure it’s their fault they did something wrong, but punish them with a detention some other time instead of having a huge downer on the start of their vacation.

This change has been long-awaited and I envy those who will continue the rest of their high school years without having to deal with Winter Fun Day.  I can say that those hours sitting in a hot, noisy gym with little entertainment will not be among my cherished high school memories.


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  1. ever think winter fun sucked this past year because nobody organized it? it seemed like it was slapped together in five minutes. next year there should be more responsible people put in charge of doing this event.

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