Attention Span’s Lost in the Madness of March

By Spencer Barnett –

Online streaming, ESPN text updates and school television sets- all easy sources to the 67 NCAA basketball tournament games being played during the month of March.

With the March Madness tournament well underway, some students are beginning to find it hard to stay focused in the class rooms while afternoon games are being played.

Tanner Kennedy, a senior at Penn Manor High School, is one of the many students who has had trouble staying on task.

Travis Wells checking his bracket on the computer. Photo by Spencer Barnett

“I can’t even focus,” said Kennedy. “I’m constantly checking my smart-phone and watching the games streaming live when I can get on a computer in school.”

Michael Andrusisin is another student who keeps an eye on the scores.

“During the first week, I was constantly checking for updates,” Andrusisin said. “I kept asking my teacher to put the games on.”

While most of the students in the school could relate to those stories, some kids like Paul Slaugh and Shane Burkhardt have it easy.

“I come to school late and leave early because of my internship and service learning,” said Slaugh. “I don’t have to worry about missing the 1:30 games because I get to watch them in the comfort of my own house. Shane also has service learning fourth block so we can get together and watch the games together.”

Now with the final four quickly approaching and the fourth marking period beginning, it may seem difficult for these basketball fanatics to keep their attention span on the class.

“I’m doing my best to manage my time on school, lacrosse and the tournament,” said Andrusisin. “but I guess we will find out soon enough.”

“This is the best part of college basketball,” Kennedy said “How am I supposed to keep focused when it’s time for the final four?”