I’ll Never Give in to Buying a Tablet

By Ryan Krause –

Tablets, why does everyone buy into them?

I know that I personally don’t see a point to them.

They’re as expensive as a computer that could outperform it to start off.

Ryan Krause. Image by Spencer Barnett and Laura Revelt.

If you’re willing to carry around something that size, you should just carry around a laptop.

Most, if not all, tablets require one to buy special hardware to implement a physical keyboard.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not type on an onscreen keyboard. There’s no feedback and you have to look at your hands to see where your fingers are located in most cases.

A regular laptop’s keyboard has physical keys that depress when touched and usually the “F” and “J” keys have those little bumps on them so you know where to place your index fingers without looking down.

On the other side, there are some positive sides to tablets.

CNN said, “Apps that never made sense on computers with keyboards and mice, like GarageBand and finger paint apps and eReaders, suddenly found life on a 9.7-inch slate of glass and metal.”

But is it really worth the hundreds of dollars just to use a choice few apps?

Tablets really aren’t  physically strong. They’re thin and have the sensitive screen uncovered.

If one wanted to protect their precious sheet of metal and glass, they’d have to spend money on an overpriced case that will cost nearly 50 dollars.

While a laptop has an outer shell that protects its screen and keyboard.

I know that I personally would not like to have to worry about my precious glass screen being broken in my backpack because of how poorly it was designed.

The iPad 2. Doesn't it look easily breakable? Image by news.cnet.com.

Another thing that is a compete turn off for tablets is how Apple completely misled everyone with lies during a Keynote Speech on the iPad 2.

Steve Jobs claimed that Apple owned greater than 90 percent of the market share.

That was a statement which became widely known for being completely incorrect.

According to CNN, “Apple would have needed to sell 3.2 million more to reach 90 percent of 2010’s tablet market share against just Samsung alone (in triple the time).”

“Apple may not have even reached 50% of the market,” the CNN report also said.

Another thing that was incorrect was Jobs claiming that the iPad 2 is the “First dual core tablet to ship in volume.”

The Motorola XOOM has the exact same chip and is definitely shipping in volume. Let alone the fact that Apple hadn’t even launched the iPad 2 at that point. So the iPad 2 was obviously not even shipping, let alone shipping in volume.

Sure a tablet is shiny on the outside, but does it actually have the performance to back up its cover?

I can only picture someone owning a tablet like this for the purpose of having it in their collection.

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  1. Again with the mac man you must love them so much I don’t get what you see in that fail piece of technology.

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