Movie Ticket Prices Getting Too Expensive for Teens

By Brandon Bowers-

It isn’t easy for hard-working teens to afford a date to the movies, either a regular show or in 3D or IMAX.

The ticket price for some is a small fortune.

IMAX movie tickets at Penn Cinemas are $15.50 for anyone over 12 and $13.50 for 12 and under. The price is still high,  $13.50 for seniors (over 60).

“Fifteen-fifty for a movie that is in 3D on a super huge screen, come on now!” said junior Will Welsh.  “I would rather wait for the the movie to comes out on DVD and buy it for  $15.

“That is ridiculous to take a friend or that special one to see a movie,” Welsh said.  “Plus if you take the girl you like your spending up to $45 because you have to treat the girl with the movie ticket and popcorn and candy to make everything right. It’s just what you have to do on a date if you want the girl to like you.”

Also, for a regular evening movie at Penn Cinema, it is $9.50 for adults (over 12) and $7.00 for under 12 and seniors.  To see a movie in 3D you will be paying $3 extra.

An expensive ticket for a IMAX 3D show. Photo courtesy by

“If I’m ever going to the movies again I will be going with my family so they can pay for everything,” noted sophomore Zac Burke.  “That is a lot of money for one person to see an hour-and-a-half movie. For my family, my dad would be paying up to $30 plus food and candy.

“I would be broke if I took a girl,” Burke said.

The price for tickets has risen dramatically in the past years. Even a matinee show is $7.50 for adults and $7 for others and $3 extra for 3D.

It may be nice to go see a movie in 3D or in IMAX but the price may scare people away.

“I will always treat my girl to a movie because I put them before me so if that means spending $45 at an IMAX (or) 3D movie then I will, because I want her to feel special and be comfortable with me,” said Tyrell Wickersham a freshman at Hempfield High School.

Penn Cinema has comfortable seating in their new IMAX theater, but Regal Manor Stadium in the Manor Shopping Center does have 3D and is closer for teens driving from Penn Manor. If you’re looking for high quality, Penn Cinema’s IMAX, may be your best bet… if you’re willing to a pay.

At Regal Manor the prices of an adult ticket is now $15 for a 3D movie any time.  For moviegoers under 12 years of age, the tickets are $10.75 to $11, same for the seniors over 60.

Regal may not have an IMAX like Penn Cinema but their 3D feature seems be good enough to spend $15 for an hour and a half  movie.

“I always want the best and will do everything I can do to give my girl the best. If I have to pay $45 for a IMAX 3D movie then I will because I like to be a nice guy,” said junior Kevin Burbaker.

The cheapest movie tickets and concession prices around this area is Kendig Square Movies.  Although it may not have the newest technology or the latest movies but the prices are more affordable.

At Kendig Square movie tickets are $5 for any movie any time and the popcorn and candy is also under $5.