Music Spirit Week Pulls in Penn Manor’s Attention

By Abby Talbot –

It’s the month of March, which means Music in our Schools month!

Music is always appreciated in the month of March every year. This year Penn Manor’s High School’s Tri-M music honor society organized a music spirit week to raise awareness about the importance of music in our lives. Tri-M is a group that resembles NHS (national honors society) except Tri-M revolves around music.

Music students showed their country day spirit. Photo by Abby Talbot

The second week of March is dedicated to the music spirit week Tri-M put together for Penn Manor. The music spirit week consists of a different genre of music playing through the intercoms and an option to dress appropriately for the genre of music that day.

Sara Ricciardi, music teacher at Penn Manor, Haley Blazer, Tim Duebler junior, and Becca Eckman senior, along with the rest of the members of Tri-M helped put music spirit week together.

Blazer put together a CD March 7 to play over the intercom representing a Disney theme. Then Tuesday Kelly Lenahan made the 80s-themed CD. Wednesday Elsie Huber put a CD together for the country theme. Allison Herr made a Jazz CD for Thursday, and Tim Deubler made a rock and roll CD for Friday.

Jesse Griffith, left, Tim Deubler, right, showing their rock and roll spirit. Photo by Abby Talbot

“The idea for a music spirit week came from my close friend that teaches at Marion Center,” Ricciardi said.  “Marion Center believes in having a music spirit week because it brings awareness to the music in schools.”

Not only does this week make everyone aware of how important music is but on Friday, Tri-M made pins to offer teachers, along with a dress down day that costs $5. The money earned from Friday will go to the “Music for Everyone Organization.”  MFE is a non-profit organization that gives out grants to school districts that are in need of new music equipment.

McCaskey received 50 new electronic pianos and guitars from the MFE organization with a $32,000 grant.

To donate to the Music for Everyone Organization,  visit the website

“People like the music playing in the halls. It’s different then the usual music that occasionally plays,” said Deubler.

Many Penn Manor students agree.

The idea to dress up in bright colors for the 80’s themed day, and dress country for Wednesday and dress in “jazz” attire for Thursday brings fun and excitement into the halls of Penn Manor.

Regardless if you participate in this music week or not now most of Penn Manor is aware of music.

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  1. Great article, Abby!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 We raised over $650 dollars in donations to give to Music for Everyone! THANK YOU, PENN MANOR!!

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