Students’ Deepest Fears Revealed

By Lyta Ringo –

In life we all experience many emotions, joy, happiness, grief, and sorrow. But one emotion, one that can cause many other emotions, can be the most complicated to deal with.

That emotion is fear.

Fear can be something that lasts for a short amount of time, for instance someone may have a fear of bridges, but once your over the bridge you’re fine. However some fears, can last a lifetime. That in itself can be an issue.

"My biggest fear is sharks," said Chassidy Sowersby. Photo by Lyta Ringo

“My biggest fear in life is not making something of myself,” said Alexa Jenaskie.

Many people say they fear death the most. Maybe not death itself, but what happens after death, where we go, and what happens to us?

Senior Liz Rivera admitted death is her biggest fear.

“I like my life,” said Rivera, “I don’t want it to end.”

Some fears can have a humorous touch to them. Fears that don’t exactly have people worried, but its just something they’d never want to experience.

Austin Hess, said his biggest fear is getting stabbed or robbed.

“I’d rather get shot then stabbed,” said Hess.

“I mean like taking the trash out at night, it’s the scariest thing,” added Hess, “you never know what’s going down.”

On the other hand, some fears can effect every move you make. The fear of being alone can effect everything you do. One wrong move and you could loose everything and everyone you’ve worked hard to keep.

“My biggest fear is fighting through life alone,” stated Marcos Rivera, “There’s nothing worse then facing everything by yourself.”

Fear is an emotion, sometimes easy to work with, other times fear of it can consume you. Everyone handles things differently, and no one copes with things in the same way. The only way a society can help each other is to understand how each person may feel.  Even though we cannot get rid of their fears, we can be a bystander, and listen.

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