Apple’s iPad 2 – a Thumbs up from Penn Manor Students

By Eli Marcelino and Cheyenne Weber

The iPad 2 was released today and is thinner than ever.

Should you get one?

“I think it’s awesome. I like it because it is thinner than the iPhone 4,” said Erin Patterson, a Penn Manor sophomore, who also added, “I really want one.”

The New Realease of Apple: iPad 2. Photo courtesy of

Nearly $5 billion worth of iPads have been sold  since its launch, and a quick glance at the history of the iPhone, which launches a new model every year, suggests that we should expect to see the iPad 2 right around the first anniversary of it’s predecessor’s launch.

According to published reviews,  the new features the regular iPad doesn’t have are…

1) Longer battery life

2) Thinner and lighter though not a major consideration since iPad as it is is already quite light.

3) Faster processor – Run applications at lightning speed.

4) Camera – Great for taking videos and pictures. Why carry another camera or video recorder when you have your iPad 2.

5) Video Conferencing – Using a tablet for video conferencing would be an awesome experience. The right user experience would probably demand 2 cameras – one front and the other back.

6) HDTV connection – Connect the iPad 2 to your TV and project what is on the iPad 2 on the screen there.

“I think it will have more technology than the first one, and I also hope that it could have Broadband Internet,” said Roxana Perez, a Junior.

The original iPad came in six different variations and the new iPad 2 comes in 18 different variations.

The good news is that the iPad 2 costs just what the original iPad did.

“The base-model Wi-Fi editions cost $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB), and $699 (64GB). Both sets of Wi-Fi/3G models cost $130 more than their Wi-Fi counterparts,” said Snell.

There’s no price difference for white or black models.

The iPad 2 also has 512MB of RAM—twice that of the original iPad—and a 200MHz bus speed, likewise twice that of the original.

Is it worth getting?

“The iPad 2 is an improvement on the original iPad in numerous ways, it’s still an evolutionary product, not a revolutionary one. If you’re happy with your current iPad, there’s no reason to dump it just because there’s a shinier, newer one. (This is not to say that millions of people won’t do just that. I mean: shiny!) If you’ve invested in iPad accessories such as a dock or case, keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to use them with the new iPad,” said Macworld’s editorial director Jason Snell.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s iPad 2 – a Thumbs up from Penn Manor Students”

  1. I’m a Penn Manor student and I give it a thumbs down.
    Thus your headline is incorrect.

    Also, who would want to carry around a board that takes horribly low resolution pictures as a camera? The camera on the iPad 2 is the equivalent to 0.92 megapixels. That’s horrible!

  2. I’m a Penn Manor student and i give it a thumps up!
    You like taking photographs with 10″ tablet while on your vacation?
    Go for xoom. Better you then me.
    I prefer my canon SLR

  3. Im a pennmanor student and i give this a thumbs down

    why would anyone want to carry around a giant ipod touch?

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