National Anthem Becomes Unrememberable

By Chelsea Miller-

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early… wait, what?  How does that next line go?

Millions of American viewers watched the Super Bowl XLV, on February 9.  As the people in the stadium stood up and took off their hats, they listened to the National Anthem sung by Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately, Aguilera messed up and forget to sing a verse.

In a recent interview with Melissa Telesco, a music teacher at Penn Manor High School,  Aguilera should be ashamed because she is a top singer. Telesco also knows the anthem, since she is a music teacher.

“There’s a lot of pressure with that; if I was singing in front of mad people I don’t know if I would say it right,” said Carly Rebman, a sophmore of Penn Manor.

Christina Aguilera Singing at The Super Bowl

Some people blame her for messing up and some don’t.

“No I don’t know the national anthem,” said Brianna Fisher.

Out of many random students polled at Penn Manor, only a few actually knew all the words to the national anthem. Many students only knew parts of the song. And a few just didn’t know any of it.

Nine out of 19 students didn’t know the national anthem. Out of the 10 students who knew it only 4 could recite the whole national anthem without a problem.

“I personally think you don’t have to know the national anthem,” said Felix Gonzalez.