The Fight for the Whoopie goes National

By Simon Zimmerman-

“Maine is a bunch of dirty, rotten, filthy liars,” said Penn Manor senior Eric Clark.

That is the consensus around Penn Manor High School and the rest of Lancaster County after the claim was made by the state of Maine that the whoopie pie, a prominently known Lancaster comfort food, was originated in the Pine Tree state, Lancaster locals’ tempers flared up.

“Whoopie pies are what defines Lancaster Countians, definitely didn’t come from Maine,” said Penn Manor senior Karly Wiest.

Whoopie pies can be purchased at a variety of local Lancaster businesses including Pine View Dairy, Central Market, John Herr’s and even big name grocery stores like Giant and Weis Markets.

They can cost anywhere from 50 cents to $1.75.  Traditionally made with two circles of soft chocolate cake cradling gooey white cream, they can also be found in peanut butter, spice and pumpkin flavors.

“The whoopie pies from Pine View Dairy are the best,” said Junior Ian Toomey.

Whoopie Pies made in Lancaster County. Photo courtesy of

Some can’t even bear to enjoy their favorite Lancaster delicacy because of the ‘false’ claims made by the opposing state.

“Now whenever I eat a whoopie pie I’ll think about those thieves in Maine,” remarked Josh Carle, a distraught Penn Manor senior.

Across Lancaster County a  petition is being signed to show support that the whoopie pie was created here. This petition has now been signed by more than 500 natives of Lancaster.

However, Maine will not be easy to persuade. They will still carry out their own argument that the whoopie pie is “Maine made.”

Still the fight continues for the right to name the whoopie pie as their own original treat and neither side looks close to giving up.

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