Comets Bowling Hard for Championship

By Brandon Bowers –

The Penn Manor Bowling team is looking to repeat their last year run with another district title and state champion.

But Comets junior Willie Welsh was having a hard time in the beginning to the middle of the season with low match ending numbers and having trouble finding the pocket.

“Well I seemed to struggle early because I knew` it was a big reason and we needed to win,” said Welsh.   “It all so I guess got to my head and I was more worried that I would do bad rather than focusing on my bowling and doing well.”

Willie Welsh turns his numbers around by end of season to help get to the tournaments. Photo by Alex Blythe

After a couple bad matches, Coach Chris Vital benched Will so he could calm down and get his mind back.

“That was about the 21 of December and so I was at the bowling alley practicing everyday from the 22nd until our next match which was a week and a half later,” recalled Welsh.  “I brought our team back where we belong, on top of course.  I got great support and help from my teammates, Coty Johnson, Brendon Yarnell.”

Welsh had mixed feelings about all the pressure.

“I cant do it all myself ya know,” Welsh insisted.  “(That’s) something I am both proud and ashamed of. Ashamed, because I brought our team down and proud because I was able to get past it. I even bowled Christmas eve and (Christmas) day.  I had to make a statement so I put myself into my practice and finished out with a great season.

“There is no I in team and they made a great contribution to my success,” Welsh said.

Will successfully brought his numbers up and had Penn Manor back in the run for the first place title.

Willie Welsh lookes over bowling scores. Photo by Alex Blythe.

Former Penn Manor State Champion Coty Johnson, won at the LL League singles tournament Monday at Dutch Lanes which put Penn Manor in the team tournament this Friday.

“We made it to the regional team event, I expect us to win the team event and I will give it my all to help us do so,” said Welsh.

The Penn Manor Bowling team said they are looking forward to winning this big event so they can get into the state tournament to bring home another bowling title to Penn Manor.