The Secret ‘Beliebers’ of Penn Manor

By Alicia Ygarza –

Justin Bieber tops the hearts of teens worldwide, the music charts and recently the movie charts. Although most high school students may not admit they’re fans, some find the heart-throbbing teen appealing.

But shh, don’t tell.

Thousands of teens find his voice, hair and eyes flawless. While Bieber seems too good to be true, many times when his name is brought into a conversation, at least among high school students, there are numerous critics who dislike him.

Do high school girls think his fans are younger “teenyboppers?”  Are guys jealous of his popularity and perfect hair?

Bieber shelters himself from a group of teen admirers.

Or, are the people who are criticizing him just not admitting that they secretly tap their foot to Bieber’s songs when listening to them on the radio?

“I only know his songs on the radio and I can’t help but sing them, they’re so catchy!” said Ashley Thompson, a student at Penn Manor.

“If someone asked me if I was a fan, I would say no. But if someone asked me do I like him, I’d say yes,” said Thompson, “I don’t want people thinking I’m a fan.”

Bieber fans in Penn Manor High School are as scarce as hen’s teeth. With one million albums sold from his first album, you would think his fans would be easier to find.

Bieber has become such a success, his biggest fans have made a dictionary full of Bieber words, also known as the “Biebtionary.”

Fans show their affection for Bieber with a "We Love You Justin Bieber!" sign.

“I don’t like his music, he’s a boy band wannabe,” said William Welsh a junior at Penn Manor High School.  “I don’t know anyone who likes Justin Bieber, when I hear his music on the radio I change the station. I listen to everything but Justin Bieber.”

According to, Welsh would be considered a “Bieber-hater.” A person who hates Justin Bieber because of “jealousy and unknown reasons.”

Criticisms from people don’t faze Bieber, “There’s more people that like me than there are who hate me, so I kind of brush it off,” he said during a Billboard interview.

“People say, ‘Oh, people just like him because he’s pretty.’ Or the funniest one: ‘When he goes through puberty, he’s not going to be a good singer anymore.’ How does that make sense when we’ve seen people like Michael Jackson and Usher and Justin Timberlake do it?'” added Bieber during the interview.

It seems Bieber has heard it all, and he will never give up on his career.

Plus, there’s one girl in particular who would love to be Bieber’s “Bieber-Shawty.”

“I would love to go out to eat with him, and I know this sounds corny, but I would love to watch fireworks with him,” said Grace Wolfe, a junior at Penn Manor.