Coming soon, to the Mac – Apps

The leader in technology, Apple, changed the world with the introduction of the iPod in 2001. In 2006, they unveiled the iPhone and iPod touch.

iOS, the user-friendly operating system the iDevices are based on, is now influencing the way we use our computers. Ever since software version 2.0 came out, iOS included the App Store. The App Store is a place to download and install new applications for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Soon, the same App Store we have known for hand-held devices is coming to the Mac.

The upcoming Mac App Store. Image provided by Apple Computer.

The current Mac operating system, Snow Leopard, will have support for the Mac App Store. Mac OS X Lion, the upcoming Mac OS, will include the App Store. Like the iOS App Store, it will be a repository for software and games.

The Mac App Store will have both paid and free apps available. The categories will include: education, games, graphics and design, productivity and lifestyle.

As a unified distribution center for applications, the Mac App Store will allow users to browse and select applications without having the hassle of going out and buying software on disks or performing various steps to download and license software from websites.

Apple also made the Mac App Store convenient for developers. Developers who sell applications through the store will be able to pick the price per app and receive 70% of each app sale. The Mac App Store will allow developers to update their apps and submit them directly to Apple, which allows users to easily update their Mac’s applications through the App Store.

On Jan. 6, the App Store will be open. Also, on Apple’s website, the “Downloads” section will be taken offline.

By Nick Joniec