New Grade Reporting Procedure for Athletes Has a Positive Influence Backing It Up

Penn Manor coaches no longer have to bug their athletes to turn in grade sheets each week, a new procedure and policy will provide coaches with everything they need to know.

A list of those student athletes who currently have a grade below a 70 percent will be sent to coaches automatically.

An email from principal Phil Gale was sent out Dec. 14 notifying teachers and coaches of the new procedure.

“In an effort to solidify the reporting of grades for our student-athletes…,” stated Gale in the email, “(athletic director) Jeff Roth and (assistant) Cindy Bachman have developed a system of pulling grades from Sapphire on a weekly basis for all student-athletes.”

The email described the new procedure and how it will be handled.

Coaches will receive the list with those athletes who have a grade below a 70 percent. They will then inform the athlete of his or her grade and instruct the athlete to speak with the teacher of the class. This will allow the student to attend tutoring on Thursday or to turn in any missed assignments in order to try and raise their grade, according to the email sent out by Gale.

Gale sent out an email alerting teachers and coaches of the new procedure

The email also stated that any athlete with a failing grade on Wednesday must turn in a report sheet to their coach on Friday, having it signed by the teacher, explain why they are failing or identifying that they are passing.

By Friday, if that athlete has below a 60 percent, they will be ineligible the following week to play (Sunday to Saturday).

They then are required to receive an hour of tutoring for each subject they are failing.  Athletes will be giving their coaches a tutoring sheet to verify that they are getting help.

“I think its nice as a teacher and as a coach that I don’t need to fill in and collect a grade sheet for every athlete,” said English teacher and swimming coach, Cece O’Day. “It will make students more accountable for their grades.”

Physics teacher and wrestling coach, Steve Hess, thinks it makes the process easier for coaches.

“I can see who is eligible very easily,” said Hess. “It holds kids accountable.”

“I hope it benefits. The expectations are the same. Its the same policy, just a different procedure,” said O’Day.

Sophomore student, Travis Wells, also has positive feelings towards the new procedure.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Wells.

By Jenna Reel