White Christmas to Come?

Penn Manor is dreaming of a white Christmas.

As winter rolls along and Christmas approaches, some are wondering if Lancaster can expect snow for the holidays.

Last year, Lancaster had over six feet of snow in total all winter long, making a new county record. This snow blew in just in time for the cheery holiday. This year however, the luck might run short.

“It is certainly cold enough to have snow, but in order to hope for a white Christmas, we need the right storm in the right spot,” said Millersville meteorologist Eric Horst.

“I really want to have snow for Christmas, it just makes everything complete,” said Penn Manor alumni Kirsten Bechtold.

Horst explained that because of the dry winter pattern the East Coast is experiencing, the chances are slim.

“As of now, there are no big disturbances coming to the East Coast to suggest a snow storm,” said Horst.

“if we don’t get snow, I’m gonna be really mad!” said another alumni Jessica Stetler. “Snow just adds to the Christmas spirit.”

Don’t stop wishing though, a small ‘storm’ might be heading this way. Horst explained a very small pattern is making its way towards Lancaster and should be here by the end of the week.

“If it does end up getting here, we can expect maybe one to two inches,” said Horst. “If the weather plays out this way, then yes, we may have some flurries for Christmas.”

“Having a white Christmas makes everything more ‘Christmasy’,” said senior Hannah Willett.

WGAL’s “White Christmas Probability Map” seems to agree with Horst. According to them Lancaster can expect a 25-50% chance of a snow filled holiday.

There might not be a blizzard for Christmas, but snow is a definite possibility.

By Toni Warfel

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